DMC = delicious modest chest

I lied. Big time. Or maybe not if you’re into loli obasan.

RAI WANTS YUKARIN CONCERTT. cutiecutiewillprollystillbemyfavouriteunlessyoucountthosefiveminutesofanimero’08bliss..

田村ゆかり – 嘆きの丘

Despite this being one of the two new songs on her latest album that I actually did enjoy [I’M SORRY I LIKE THE SHITTY SONGS], wtf is on her head….

田村ゆかり – 恋せよ女の子

Gotta love easily removable dresses. Excuse me while I sing along.

田村ゆかり – なんてったってアイドル


田村ゆかり – fancy baby doll

Ampleforth is a poopy face for saying how her ribbon is like Hiiragi Tsukasa or whatever and now gdofadagnakgarthdha

I’d make a “proper review” if I had the actual Blu-ray. Someone convince my parents to let me use my own money. orz

Oh, yeah, about making a better quality version of the StS Megami Special, I’ve been sort of pushing it to the side because heroknow has uploaded tabs for Mizuki Nana’s “innocent starter” and I’ve been fingering all this time. :>


11 responses to “DMC = delicious modest chest

  1. Ampleforth

    ampleforth easily claims first post

  2. Go to DMC?

    • It was back in February.

      And I’m too scared to fly to Japan because of I’dgetlost/tooscaredtoaskfordirections/wotageiscareme.

  3. Run DMC is a famous rap band…

  4. Minorinfag

    So just posting here too if you aren’t going to be checking danie’s blog anytime soon. (lol, realistically though, who DOESN’T check it daily? errr, I mean…)

    Link to Mediafire 720p version (2gb):

    Link to 1080p torrent (2x size of 720p, doesn’t look all that much better imo, but just if you want it instead, lol):

    • Minorinfag

      So yeah…danie’s site isn’t letting me comment for some reason? Probably formatting something wrong, but whatever.

      Mediafire usually screws up large file uploads for some reason, so I’m not surprised a few parts got corrupted. Link with newly uploaded (and hopefully un-corrupted) files:

      If it still doesn’t work, I guess email me –

      • Oh, er, managed to grab the 2.96gb? one on nyaatorrents…. orz

        ffffff Minorin is hotttttttttt.

  5. If this is truly raizoo’s fap diary, I do not believe there are so few posts.