StrikerS SS01 4koma

I’m not dead. D:

I’m sure most people who are into the Nanohaverse will remember those nicely done 4koma. Like with A’s, they’ve continued doing 4koma involving the Sound Stages, which… weren’t being translated until now.

So here are the 4koma for SS01 and here are the translations for the actual Sound Stage.

Okay, most of us should know that there’s a fuckload of drama CDs aka Sound Stages for Nanoha. StrikerS has four normal ones, three Megami specials [artist has only done M3, but I’m hoping they do M4 because Yagami-ke is love]. Then there’s SSX, which is actually two CDs.

Now, this is where I’m going to be a tart. Since the StS SS 4koma have so little pages because we’re only using the webcomic version, unless you can get us scans of the actual books because I’m lazy to find raws and lol non-h getting scanned watizdiz, I’ll only upload a batch when we’re done this project.

Why? Because my UL is probably as bad as Basaka’s internet and he’s from New Zealand.

( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

PS – Oh, yeah, totally forgot to mention this, but the HQ not as grainy version of StS thing is kind of being worked on. It’s sitting on the back burner as I catch up on anime/work/work on new stuff/work/fap/work. Sorry…


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