So like.

I felt bad about that grainy medium quality of StS ch15 because it’s awesome seeing canon Signum vs Nanoha and stuff.

So I finally did that thing I said I’d do ages ago jol jol jol

Also, where are those Chinese Nanoha Light novel raws at?

  • Random plug for Chihara Minori unofficial fansite
  • danie is awesome for the not one, but two, Yukarin poster things I just got today. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to do this fangirl squeal thing. Just stutter and I don’t even remember what I did.
  • Basaka is busy with exams. I’m busy finishing other stuff and working six days a week.
  • … Even so, we plan to do [OVERALL] もしも長門有希が最初から消失仕様だったら. Which… isn’t Nanoha. Let’s go, Nagato Yuki… !
  • Yui > Rika in saimoe sucks almost as much as ISML in general.

And if anyone reads this, feel free to throw translation requests our way as long as they’re things you think we’d be interested in. Like, some seiyuu doujinshi full of Yukarin teasing Nana or something.

OK Pocky? (*^▽^)人(^▽^*)

4 responses to “So like.

  1. You didn’t squeal but that was a pretty cute reaction (or just you and your loli voice), not too bad for an entertainment before work ❤


      Now, to ask my dad for his credit card so I can send you some muulah. >:3

  2. The unofficial Minorin site is win for the blog translation alone. Her amount of emoticons is quite impressive.

  3. nanohatilldeath

    ok, i see you want the light novel in chinese,
    im still looking for it, but i found 2 4komas, in chinese, Midori ya and strikers the sound stage M
    here the links if you want them

    for midori ya 4komas

    for SSM 4komas