In more related Minorin news, we’ve also delayed finished a NOT NANOHA DOUJINSHI.

This is OVERALL’s If Nagato Yuki Had Disappearance’s Personality From The Start and as the name implies… Well, if you like Yuki, prepare the tissues for nosebleeds and maybe other things.

Translator has a special request before you read! He’d like you to listen to 通過地点のMUSICA and/or Under “Mebius”.

In other other news…

  • I’m lazy, so people should give me the raws for Force if you want to see us scanlate it. >__>;;;;
  • StrikerS  Sound Stage 02 4koma are nearly done. 2.11~2.15 were just sent to me and there’s only 2.20 for this.
  • Translator for Higurashi’s Kokoro Iyashi-hen was last seen screaming at how “kaigan” was written in the prologue and I haven’t seen her since.
  • I got a new computer and monitor, so I hope my editing is better/faster/I don’t know but I’m totally re-watching Moetan on a 24″ monitor.

3 responses to “MINORIN BANZAI

  1. Thanks for the translation. +9000 for the music recommendation (I was waiting for the CDs to be released since the season ended)

  2. Game8910

    oi oi I want force too D:

    also wtf I didnt know about this place…..why u sew secretive raizoo ;__;