So, anyone remember q-ice’s 4koma? AS-Nano did quite a number of them long ago and unfortunately stopped at 106. At the time of this post, q-ice has done 205, so I’ve got quite a bit to go, huh.

To make things simple, here’s an “unofficial” batch of 001 ~ 106, for those who haven’t seen them in all their entirety. Lots of jokes carry over.

And now… Okay, so we’re only at 110, shh.


Since there’s quite a bit of these, I know for sure I’ll post them in batches of ten on here, mostly because the creator also groups them that way. I don’t know how I’ll do downloadable batches, so you better keep up I’m thinking of doing them every fifty or until we end up dropping this. Or until the creator guy quits, which doesn’t seem likely.

And yeah, I’ll get to the maji hima stuff eventually. I’m nearly done with the not X-rated things. :V


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