Mahou Shoujo Combat Butler Hayate

First thing’s first. GiB presents NEET Hayate! Ten web comic pages by the dood who made Lyrical Death note. Oh, if anyone has any Nanoha doujinshi from GRINP, please share. I have Little Knights and Lyrical Bonus, but I’d like more. ESPECIALLY BURNING DANCE. OR ANY BURNING ALISA DOUJINSHI FOR THAT MATTER ffffffffffffff.

Second thing! Tamura Yukari’s 17th single loljuunanasai! comes out January 27, 2010. Yayayayay, my Nanoha songs are cominggggggg. ❤

Third! Why are people still all bloody amazed at Windows 7 with Nana’s voice on their computers? Whatever, I’ll go back to hearing Yukarin saying, uhm, things… ( ¯3¯)y-~


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