Uh, favourite seiyuu…

… who sing, which is totally biased because they’re all female. Also, sing and not scream, hence why Hirano Aya is never getting on this list! Ahem. Actually, her singing isn’t terribad depending on the song. Heaven forbid someone gets her to do something where she actually has to false vibrato…

1) Chiba Saeko – pipiru piru piru pipiru pi!

Surprised? Well, if you catch me on one of my sprees, you shouldn’t be. On the more technical side, spots two and three definitely have more powerful voices. There’s just something about Sae-chan’s singing I simply love. Maybe it’s the voice. Maybe it’s the songs. Maybe it’s that weird nostalgic feeling in the back of my head from Kyouka-sama knows what *coughmaihimecough*. But by the end of the day, yes, I enjoy Sae-chan’s music overall out of all the seiyuu whose music I listen to. If only she actually, uh, sung more. Someone bring tiaraway back and get KajiYuki to do some songs or something, please.

Favourite song – Ouch, tie between “breath” and “Ame no Violin”, but the first is a chara song…

Least favourite – “Castella”

2) Mizuki Nana

I’m not even going to bother talking about her because anyone who doesn’t know about her singing is just I can’t even think of how to end the sentence right now.

Favourite song – “Crystal Letter”

Least favourite – “Heaven Knows” how horrible this song is.

3) Chihara Minori

That girl from Haruhi that can actually sing! Do I need to talk about her? Eh, well, I like her first album more than her newer stuff. I like her newer look than her first look, though!

Favourite song – “jelly beans” or “Makenai ~Ichizu Version~”

Least favourite – Since I’m not allowed to bash chara songs mostly because the Saki album was just rubbish, I don’t like her version of “Rinbu-Revolution” on the tribute album.

4) Nanri Yuuka

The second half of tiaraway. Since Sae-chan’s trying to focus on being a waifu her voice acting career, Yuuka is supposed to be focusing on her singing career… except I haven’t heard about anything after that Odyssey single. She’s singing the ED for Ookami Kakushi, so I’m looking kind of forward to that. I want to hear more Yuuka without KajiYuki, though. She might turn into a Sakamoto Maaya for me.

Favourite song – “nostalgia”

Least favourite – “Shizukana Kotoba”

5) Momoi Haruko

If I can put Yuuka on this list, I can fucking put HALKO. Fuck yes. Keytars. Falling down, but getting right back up. Thunder thighs. All the good stuff. HALKO would probably be up higher than at least Yuuka if I listened to more of her songs. I should get more of her songs. I fail. Argh.

Favourite song – “TENBATSU ANGEL RABBIE” hi jimumama i nyo u lav this song

Least favourite – “Sex and Violence”, y’know, the cover song from Punk Co-elle? “Call Me” was actually pretty decent, but this one just blew me away.

6) Tamura Yukari キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

Her voice is nasally and not as strong as some of the people I ranked below her, but she’s better than her Yamato Nadeshiko counterpart singing wise. Or maybe I’m just hearing way too many older Hocchan songs. I can’t listen to the original “Hikari” because not only did I hear the type black version first, but her singing actually does suck in that song. Oh well, everyone else likes Hocchan more, leaving more Yukarin for me. Anyway, this is about Yukarin and not her waifu who’s cheating on her with Minorin which is perfectly fine ’cause Yukarin can cheat on her with Nana.

My love for Yukarin’s music is weird. She has above average range, but her vocals aren’t that strong. It’s like shouting is taboo. Her “Yay!”‘s in that Nantettatte Idol cover from dreamy maple crown seemed kind of painful, but that’s okay! I love how versatile her voice is. Yukarin can sing cutesy songs and more serious ones without me wanting to smash my head against a wall. I just hope she does more jazzy tunes like “Black cherry”, but stuff like “Hoshikuzu Spiral” is nice, too.

Favourite song – “Sweetest Love” fffff *SWAYS ARMS*

Least favourite – The duets with Kugyuu or Aaya or Mamio … I can’t really pick a song that I don’t actually like that isn’t a character song. I’m tired of “Douwa Meikyuu”, though, lololol.

7) Sakamoto Maaya

Okay, I’ll be completely honest here – I don’t really listen to her. I like her voice and most of her songs. I think she’s a fantastic singer. I just don’t know why I barely listen to any of her music. Makes me kind of sad when I kinda know this one dood who loves her. I guess I acknowledge her enough to place her here. Eh, when in doubt, I blame Nana.

Favourite song – Uhm, I’ll play it safe and go with “Purachina”? I think I liked “Ame ga Furu”. I mean, I remember the name of the song.

Least favourite – So sick of “Triangler” sghaga I still need to watch Frontier.

8 ) Iwao Junko

I think I first heard her in the Mai-Hime character image album and it slowly went from there. When I was getting into anime, I’m pretty sure she was one of the first seiyuu whose music I tried to find. Ended up failing with her [because my laptop had to get reformatted like 40 times amongst other things], but had more luck with a certain tsundere from the same show. Ah, well, I have a soft spot for people who can sing and play instruments.

Favourite song – “Scarlet”

Least favourite – “Cutie Honey” for some reason. The song arrangement isn’t that bad, it’s just probably the same reason why I dislike Minorin’s version on “Rinbu-Revolution”. Some songs just don’t sounds as good slowed dowwwwwn.

9) Makino Yui

Yay for pianists. Her voice is cute or maybe that’s because I don’t hear it as often as that other whispery voiced girl. Less is good sometimes because if I listen to this Yui for too long, I might fall asleep.

Favourite song – “Madokashii Sekai no Ue de”

Least favourite – “Omna Magni” creeeeeeps me out.

10) Hayami Saori

Clearly, I’m gay. I first heard her in that somewhat dull show with Yukana and there wasn’t enough Yuuichi realized the miko mikko I fell in love with sung the ED single. Okay, cool. Got the single and when I got to the b-side song, blown away. I feel like shit knowing she’s younger than me. Damn these talented young people. She’d be ranked way higher if she had more songs. Let’s go, Hayamin~!

Favourite song – “Miracle Way ~Tsuyoku Yasashiku Mamorarete~”



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  1. Ampleforth

    ampleforth easily claims first post

    and demands to know why kobayashi yuu is not here


    • Everyone loves KobaYu when she’s insane. I’m more a fan of her legs than her actual singing.

      • When is she not insane? And yes, her and Tomato need to sit on my lap, one on each side so I can use their legs as armrests.

  2. YUKARIN AT NO.6??!!?!?!?!?!?!


    ….is this list in order?

    • When her two singles come out, she’ll jump to five if I don’t work on getting more HALKO songs. 8D

      When she’s being incredibly polite in person? It’s kinda… weird.

      • I can imagine. I think all of the videos I’ve seen of KobaYu are of her going ape, literally sometimes.

        And thanks for reminding me of Jelly Beans…damn song is stuck in my head now like Mon Cheri used to be.

  3. >6 – Maaya Sakamoto
    >9 – Makino Yui


    also no Paradise Lost? D:

  4. @xellos
    I’m too scared to look for KobaYu vids. orz

    And yes, jelly beans is labbbbb.

    dood, they’re still awesome singers. It’s mostly the songs that make me e__e especially with Makino.

    And I’m kind of argh about Paradise Lost ’cause all the times I’ve seen Minorin singing it live, kinda sucked, lolol. Also, ska ftw.

    • Paradise Lost sounded nice when I heard it live!

      ….I think I was staring at random body parts at the time so that may have affected my hearing 😐

  5. >> ….I think I was staring at random body parts at the time so that may have affected my hearing

    Yes, yes it did. Actually, which one are you talking about? I forget if she performed it at Daicon. Judging from the Animelo clip and MUSIC JAPAN performance, it seemed rather…