So I sort of lied about Force.

I’m sorry. I can’t wait that long for ZSS and Force is only every two months… except after March 2010, Nyantype will be monthly. Monthly Force, go~! Basaka will probably be busy by then with subbing projects, but let’s see how things go for now. Unless someone else wants to find me a translator. Will do nearly anything TLer is interested in, jejeje.


Also, here are two extra comic pages for any seiyuu fans out there. The mangaka for ViVid, Fujima Takuya, was at the set of the live airing thing for Radio StrikerS. First page here, second page over here.

Oh yeah, so Yukarin has a twitter account and Minorin is hot as usual. Wait wtf, nearly 8.5k followers in two days? Wtf. OVER NINE THOUSAND.


14 responses to “So I sort of lied about Force.

  1. WTF is Squall doing in my Nanoha!? also Signum should just go and pwn everyone…

    manga = over

  2. So how much Minorin merchandise did it take to bribe Basaka into TLing this? Also, needs more [s]Signum x Fate unison[/s], [s]Fate x Nanoha unison[/s], Signum x Agito unison.

  3. Apparently I fail at strike-throughs orz

  4. @Geimu
    YAGAMI-KE FTW. But wait, why manga over?

    I believe it’s with this HTML stuff.

    I think Bassie’s just happy he’s getting an HD TV to Minorin banzai to, nyeh. Which reminds me, I need to Yukarin banzai when it’s Christmas break. :>

  5. Oioi raizoo you nyo

    You know how this chapter
    Touma was rescued 3 yeas ago by Su-chan who happens to be in the TSAB

    >>Starts with “Su-”


  6. @xellos
    I do, but I don’t watch her concerts all the time wtf. And definitely not meido cafe, I got switched to weekends only ’cause I’m trying to get back to schoolings. :B

    Can Nanoha at least appear first? :<?

    YESSSSSS. Everyone thought Su-chan was her or Isis in chapter one, but at least now we're fairly sure who this Su-chan is.

    I hope Su-chan and Nanoha just bust in out of nowhere and kick ass or something.

  7. not before Signum kicks his ass ;__;

  8. @Geimu
    No, Nanoha and Signum can kick his ass. TOGETHER~

    Unison’d Signum plzplzplz

  9. oh shi- thats hot

  10. hahahaha, yeah, we’re kinda slower than most 😛

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