Nanoha StrikerS 4koma SS03


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Nagumo banzai banzai banzai

Yukarin Some Nanoha ED info after the cut!


Okay so on Dec 10, there was a nicolive thing with Yukarin as a guest and Chin-san and May’n as the hosts. Of course, I tried to watch it, but got kicked like 47 minutes into the thing. Was supposed to be Yukarin free talk or something, too, argh. Way too lazy to look at 2ch. Anyway, she sort of revealed the songs for the Nanoha Movie 1st and PSP gane single thing.

「My wish My love」(17th Single) – Released January 27th, 2010

1) My wish My love – If this isn’t the Movie 1st single, I don’t know what is. >_o;

2) Tiny Rainbow – Yukarin had her 350th episode of Itazura Kurousagi [congrats, Yukarin~] and at the very end, they surprisingly played a clip of this song.

3) ラブサイン/Lovely Sign – We need a Lovely Sign to wave around at our Love Parade since a Soul in Love is doing the Love Countdown thing YEAHHH. I never realized how many songs with just “Love” Yukarin has. How come she has no song with “naked” in the title like Nana or Minorin? :<?

4) 満月のセンシビリティ/Mangetsu no Sensibility – Wait wtf, there’s no real “Yukarin-esque” title here. You & Me at least has SUPER SPECIAL SMILING SHY GIRL.

… So, Yukarin mero~n’d May’n. www


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  1. What’s a mero~n?

  2. @xellos

    It’s been a running gag with her since she’s had her own concerts, I think.

  3. That was pretty weird.