Happy Holidays!

q-ice stuff:


I never noticed how pun-y the titles were, but I love how they’re all mean to Fate. Oh, some other stuff after the cut.

Fap diary title disappeared due to… certain people who might see this blog. *waves* And because Ampleforth is a fag.  Too lazy to think of a real blog title, so whatever. Yukarin Nanoha fucking banzai is all that matters.

And new look to go with new name. Totally wasn’t mixing my own blog up with seiyuu3 peeps.

Late merry whatever you celebrate and a happy new year. Let’s all wish Mizuki Nana good luck on her appearance on kouhaku tonight, okay?


5 responses to “Happy Holidays!

  1. “I love how they’re all mean to Fate.”

    So cruel…

    • But it’s fun seeing Nanoha and Hayate being mean!

      I still like Fate… :3

      • I have to say I like it too, since it tickles my tsun side. Just as long as they don’t do it to Fate lol. Anyways, all is forgiven if you still like her :>

  2. I like pervert Nanoha
    Poor Fate

  3. Dracnore

    whysomean to Fate. ;_;