Nekomimi Cult



Remember folks, January 30th is when the next chapter of Force is out! Let’s not talk about the movie. So expect it to be done sometime before Yukarin’s birthday, since it looks like we’re back to doing them. zzzz boring real life-ish stuff after the cut.

Mizuki Nana Live DiamondxFever and Yukarin’s dreamy maple crown blu-rays GET~! Except I’m having trouble squeezing in time to pay attention to the concerts. I mean, I skimped out on the songs I didn’t like in Diamond, which is, er, a lot. Also, lol chapter 17 for dmc is the Himetaru song.

So yes, slowly going to get my YukaNana stash. And speaking of Nana, happy 17th birthday to her and congrats on oricon blahblah~ Back to looping My wish My love.

Also, fcuk, why does Canada’s customs thing suck? >___>


2 responses to “Nekomimi Cult

  1. “Also, fcuk, why does Canada’s customs thing suck? >___>”

    They’re trying to crack down on all those weird otaku girls that flourish in Canada.

  2. Likewise

    At first I was like ”wat, seventeen!?” but then I lol’d.