Force ch04

fffffff rushed.

Also, congrats to Yukarin on getting a #5 weekly single for My wish My love, ajajajajajaja, reached #3 on the daily once.

4 responses to “Force ch04

  1. lolforce

  2. Thanks for your efforts.
    A suggestion: Use another font for the “signs” such as the ones on pg26 and on. The way the current one bounces up and down clashes with the serious tone of the series.

  3. @xellos
    I’m gunna hit you.

    @Jimmy C
    Awesome, first real c&c ever. I’ll try to find the .psd of the signs/titles I used when I did two or three chapters of the StrikerS manga. Think it was Cowboy Bauvase or some weird name, definitely easier on the eyes.

    Half the time I pick the font name because of the name itself since I’m in such a rush, olol. orz

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