To protect the world from devastation!

So… weird. But yeah, we did the I think my hand is falling off ghey Movie1st pamphlet book comic thing for NO REAL REASON. PB link here. orz

Yuribou dood over at Yuribou scans was kind enough to translate Ashita wa docchi da!‘s TheMovie nano! 4koma. Sankyuu, Yuribou~

Photobucket links: F-side here. N-side there. Or you can download them all here.

I’m still looking for someone to do SSX/M3 from Ashita wa docchi dood, but he’s also starting 4koma on the PSP game. So anything is fine, really. Even actual no real h-doujin instead of all these 4koma…

2 responses to “To protect the world from devastation!

  1. Poor Precia. And what’s up with the random smiley face at the top right of your website?

    • Probably something that came with the theme. Too lazy to figure out how to get it off. orz