Record 05


Also Force NEXT over here. I didn’t do the image/text editing and Doraneko over at AnimeSuki did the translating of the technojarble. And no decent scans of Force Dimension yet? o well.

Polished up Force NEXT – Design 01 over here. Force Dimension 01 here. – kudos to Doraneko once moar. 8D

And if you’re reading this Yuribou, I’m slowly doing those 4koma I asked for ages ago. Turns out full-time job and part-time school is harder than I thought. Or watching ep01 of B-gata H-kei like 7 or 8 times now probably doesn’t help with my amazing time management skills.

5 responses to “Record 05

  1. blackout

    As quick as always. Thanks for the release, really appreciated!

  2. Oh thanks for the editing work. :p

    Actually my translation is based on the text spoilers at 2ch posted some time before the HD scan. The Strike Cannon part is perfectly fine. But for the Raising Heart part, earlier paragraphs that are basically reiteration of old and widely known facts are omitted.

    Do you want me to translate the omitted RH part as well?

  3. Oh sorry, I guess I should have my eyes checked. I miss your line about the editing work. Forget what I have said in the previous message . :\

  4. Don’t worry, I’m not keeping track – you’re at least better than the editor that I once had who kept a script for 6 months until I was forced to give it to someone else