Do you like it raw?

I thought, “Hey, since I have no idea when we’ll see raws for Force, I should at least say something. Maybe.” Now it sounds more like an excuse to show that woahhh PV from a few months back…

Have some half-naked Itou Shizuka. Or Radio the A’s rip because Ueda Kana + Shimizu Kaori are always hilarious together.

And if that upcoming announcement has anything to do with even drama CDs, I’ll be happy if Omigawa Chiaki is nowhere to be found on the cast list. :3


3 responses to “Do you like it raw?

  1. motaku96

    You know I like it raw. A little anal goes a long way. Oh wait, what were you talking about?

  2. BlazeCannonChrono

    Thanks for the translations. You should probably reupdate your release page, since you took back up the Force project.

    • All the more reason for me to finish at least one of my backed up projects so I don’t feel silly for just editing one thing. Dx