Record 09 fffffffffffff

Beggars can’t be choosers! Also, Stella voiced by Hanazawa Kana now. But then that makes me want Arnage as Tomatsu Haruka…. Also, wtf エスクアッドフッケバイン

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  1. It’s Tenshi! LOL. and wth, @_@ DX

    Thank you as always raizoo-san! =D

  2. Ulquiorra

    Why is this chapter only half the size of the others?

  3. Adri_VolKatina

    thanks for the chapter!!
    Fate-chan is awesome!!

  4. BlazeCannonChrono

    Thanks again for the new chapter. I can’t wait to see Fate cleave evil and MoeGaiGar use Hell and Heaven. I hope Nyantype has the new NEXT spread to show off someone else’s upgrades, but I’m not sure if that’s the magazine that carries it.

  5. That was epic. Hah~ Nanoha’s team is called the aggressors? I’m starting to think the author plays SRT!

  6. Thanks for the release, dudes!