Regarding the latest chapter of Force…

My computer died and I have no idea when all my shit’s getting together. Sorry, mates! :3


8 responses to “Regarding the latest chapter of Force…

  1. :’3 wish u get a glorious pc then !
    ahhhhh bad kickstart of the year …

  2. ultimategrayfox

    😦 that’s bad! can’t be helped, hope you’ll recovery soon!

  3. chaosprophet

    :< Good luck with your PC. Hope repairing/replacing it goes smoothly.. and don't cost too much XD

  4. o my god >_<
    i hope someone with godlike powers give you another unbreakable pc as soon as possible.

  5. Anon.185

    Hi umm.. are you going to scanlate the second part of chapter 12?
    Someone on Manga Fox said there’s 2 parts of it and they have also uploaded download links for it too.

    😦 nooo1!! i hope you can fix your computer problems immediately or as soon as possible!

  6. I’ll offer to do the cleaning & typesetting if you can get me the scans and tl

  7. Been trying to plan out stuff for future Japan trip and schooling while juggling the computer crap, school and work stuff.

    Luckily, I’m still kind of able to work on it. Work’s been draining me lately. ned to get new job, plz. ._.;

  8. Sup fag, let me edit it for you.