Record 12 Part Two.

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER but still ahead of those ViVid doods

Sorry for the delays. Shit happens.


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  1. Sorry, tried to re-do shit at 5:30am before heading off for work.
  2. Shit happens at work. Too much.
  3. If there’s anymore shit wrong, well, I have school + fixing computer.
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23 responses to “Record 12 Part Two.

  1. Somehow, there were two copies of pg14 in the archive.
    You got “defensive” wrong on the first line of the first page.
    Finally, your censoring of swear words is odd and awkward. If you don’t like them, just write them out next time.

    • Ergh, I forgot to delete the old copy and rar’d that one instead. =w=;

      lolwtf, I normally put the script through FireFox’s spellchecker and it said “defensive” was wrong — using a Canadian dictionary — and now it’s saying defencive is wrong.
      myface it got updated Jan 12 and page 01 was definitely finished before then. And wtf it’s defenceless and defence still but defencive is wrong.

      Apparently, Australians don’t usually say the whole thing for “Who gives a rat’s ass!” so you can have fun with that.

      • Shimapanda

        Well, we DO say the whole thing… just not necessarily in polite company. “Who gives” and “Who gives a rat’s” are just as common as “Who gives a flying fuck” and any other derivatives of this kind, so long as you’re not in front of your mother or something, I guess.

        Our accent is lazy. We slur words. We leave words out. We leave SOUNDS out (lol non-rhotic languages). Because we really don’t give a rat’s. (´・ω・`)

  2. Moondogg

    LOLZ teh links out! What happened?

  3. yurakair

    mediafire link is down. it says :

    “invalid key or deleted file”.

  4. uh, also you want to fix perusing Touma, to persuing touma, on the final page.

    came to ask if you have a picture of Fate’s new weapons, like the other shots, for the strike cannon and fortress.

  5. Eh? you deleted the file on mf?

  6. hi. for some reason the link didnt work. did you delete it?

  7. “Is she cactus?”
    What the hell?

  8. Somrandom1

    Thx for the release but can you reup, the mediafire link seems to be down.

  9. Ullquiorra

    Link dead
    Did you remove it yourselves?

  10. link down o,o”

    thanks for the scanlation (& if you don’t mind….re-up it please :D)

  11. The link is down.

  12. uhm… the file is offline

  13. “Invalid or Deleted File.”

  14. That MediaFire link gives “Invalid or Deleted File” error.

  15. theangel_adam

    It’s there a problem with Record 13?

    • problem = work 8hr+ a day for 6+ days a week + working on pre-coursework? stuff for + I really need to finish even a rough of my research essay before March 10 or I’ll get hit by my student advisor


      Actually, I should have next Sunday off, so let’s see if I can work on it Sat/Sun/a page or two a day during the week. 3 double-pagers is making it more orz for me.

  16. Don’t stress yourself. I really don’t care for record 13, if its just a half chapter, doing a chapter every 2 months if theres a 13.5 is fine by me.\

    But I don’t know what the raws are at currently, but whatever it is, I’m sure you can catch up with the release rate and theres no real value in just chapter 13 without 13.5

  17. LessEffective

    Just wanted to post that I have an order for volume 3 which was just fully released, and would be willing to re-sell it for your use. Just email me back if you’re interested.