Record 13.

I am so sorry. OTL


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13 responses to “Record 13.

  1. theangel_adam

    Yay… was waiting for this… Thanks!!!! ^0^

  2. Thank you very much. ^^

  3. thankiu rai ~

    good luck for next work/study/ or whatever then ~

  4. hey raizoo, i have record vol. 3 which has chapter 14 silbern kreuz (silver cross) do you want the original manga (i.e dhl, fedex or smth) or the scans?

  5. till the binding strings are seen i suppose? nanoha’s being touchy and tough-y with me, i’ll upload when i’m done ~~~~ TC

    • Just wondering how everything is going. It’s okay if there’s a giant space with that Nanoha page. I might be able to do something about it with my volume.