Going to Australia for the month. ヾ(^∇^)

aers stinx.


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  1. Hope you enjoy Ayers instead, mate.

  2. lol Uluru

  3. :V please catch some Glider over there ..~

  4. Eisdrache

    Don’t get raped by kangaroos.

  5. Anon.185

    Hehehe i live in Australia, i hope you enjoy it here or there lol.

    A lot of overseas people like seeing the animals we have here 😛
    If your visiting Melbourne.. in the city there is a huge park where you can feed some of the possums there (it looks like a cute small furry bear with a long bushy tail).

    At the moment is freezing cold seems we’re having a cold Autumn now… *brrrrr* >.<

    I cant wait to read the next 2 chapters in Nanoha Force!!
    (Chapters 14 and 15)
    and the new Vivid chapters too!! 😛 😀

  6. [ 02:00:41 ] [ Omex ] oh her post on the wordpress was fantastic
    [ 02:02:32 ] [ @aers ] GOD DAMMIT

    bern i will come over there.

  7. theangel_adam

    Has anybody seen the raws for record 15?

  8. So, you get eaten by a rabbit Tasmanian Devil?

  9. Nah, what you really got to watch out for are the drop bears. They’re the larger, hyperaggressive and carnivorous cousin of the koala, and if you’re wandering around in their territory they’re known to drop out of trees and try to claw your face off and eat it. They’re known to dislike the smell of vegemite, tho, so spread some on your ears and you’ll probably get away in one piece.

  10. Now that you’re back, update~

  11. Anon.185

    So is this series going to be updated soon? :S

    I’m just wondering.. its taken a while.