Minor update and things.

No, nothing in Australia tried to eat me. But apparently some people are wondering what’s been up with the lack of scanlating.

  • I don’t have raws for chapter 14 right now, but I have them for chapter 15. Courtesy of Nina. It’s not hard to clean pages, I just take a bit of time sewing up the two-pagers together. -w-;
  • I’m too lazy busy to scan the volume myself. And it’s way harder scanning the volume than what comes from the magazine anyway. >_>;
  • The guy who said he was going to scan and up chapter 14 just commented how he was busy with exams. He’ll get right on it [hopefully].
  • Translator has exams this week still? Don’t remember, but he has other projects as well…
  • Going to Florida for a week in around a week and a half.
  • My new computer is dying. Again.
  • Uhm, depending on when/if I get raws for the next chapter, that might be delayed as well because of another trip.

Sorry, not rich enough to import Nyantype every month since I’m nearly NEET now. :3

11 responses to “Minor update and things.

  1. nanoha force, you can borrow scan chinese, right? :-p

    • That’s what translator said if we didn’t get 14 after….. next week? Haven’t been able to talk to him much with exams and all.

      • excuse me but somebody has posted the raws for chapter 14 which are in the comments in the record 13 post. the person who posted it said he finished his exams and has a link for chapter 14

        • gg gmail lumping e-mails together and I just baleet.

          Anyway, thanks. Translator is sick and is studying for exams still.


  2. Anon.185

    Awesome update! well at least a knowing whats going on update is better than waiting and not knowing whats happening at least >.<

    Good work btw guys hope to see something new eventually 😛 😀

    *2 thumbs up* keep up the great work guys! 😀 (and girls..)

  3. (sorry for my englsh, I’m from Italy) if someone is interested in, you can find them in spanish http://www.mcanime.net/descarga_directa/manga/detalle/dd_mahou_senki_lyrical_nanoha_force_15_mas_extras/18393

  4. Oh derp. I think I have the issue with Ch.14. Mebe. Well I think you have enough to work with now anyway. If you need me for any sexual favors, I’m right here. ;3

  5. Erm, Translator here. I have one more exam tomorrow (cancer) , then one on Monday (proteins). Why am I not doing something easier like an arts degree…

    Will get onto translating after my exams, promise.

  6. Derp, ZSS Dude here, if I juuust happened to come across some cleaned raws, which chapters do you need?