Morinaga Milk ― Gakuen Police


So, we honestly had no idea someone even translated it. Sorry, Ris!


PS ― Yes, I know I have some Nanoha stuff lying around. It’s been a while since I’ve used Photoshop, so I am beyond rusty. I know I had some awesome 4-koma, but the photographs [yes, not even scans!] aren’t all there so I’ve been pushing it out of my everywhere. Not sure what else I had…. Wow, I’ve really run away from the Nanoha stuff! D:

8 responses to “Morinaga Milk ― Gakuen Police

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for this wonderful release. Are you guys going to continue with this series?

    • We’d like to continue doing the series! But if Ris [cool dood from MakiMaki] wants to do it, we feel like they have “first dibs” since they technically started first.
      If the editor person takes another month to do it, we were thinking we might as well pick it up.

  2. happy to see you around 🙂 ! Don’t run away from Nanoha’s stuffs, it’s alwais great 🙂

    • Yeah, I should have at least kept up with reading stuff!
      I think I just got tired of the fan base and working with NanoFate, lol.

  3. It’s a nice series thanks

  4. Loren Rex

    Happy….. i’m very happy . Many thank, arigatou gozaimasu from Italy and Argentina….. You are great

  5. Btw, how’s chapter 2 coming along?

    • afaik I’m not actually working on it because I wasn’t told to work on it ― YuriProject people are.

      However, hyarare/Shimapanda/Ange is a slow butt and doesn’t seem to remember that she is supposed to TLC it.