DUEL 00 RELEASED !@!$#!@$!$ — slight error for initial release!

http://www.mediafire.com/?xj13n5hb85s077c — REVISED VERSION

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/69076594/Nanoha%20Innocent/duel00_17.png — Here’s the error page for those that got it while I was sleeping.


PS ― I technically don’t know what’s going on with Gakuen Police because I technically wasn’t asked to do anything with it! (・∀・)

14 responses to “DUEL 00 RELEASED !@!$#!@$!$ — slight error for initial release!

  1. 00-Raiser

    Thanks for the release! I found an error, though: on page 17 Amitie is probably supposed to be saying “Onee-chan knows everything about you!”, since she is the older sister.

    • Thanks! I was confused about this sentence, too.

    • I don’t think my line was all that wrong in that aspect.^^

      Well, nice release 🙂
      Chapter 01 goes on sale tomorrow ❤ ❤

      • anonymous

        I assume your translation is here: http://mangahelpers.com/t/prozess/releases/35519
        The translated line was “I know everything about you, Sis.”
        Maybe raizoo preferred the japanese term for sister so he/she used onee-chan. However, onee-chan is used for older sister and according to 00-Raiser (I don’t know the GoD storyline very well), Amitie should address Kyrie as her younger sister.
        Of course, the line “Onee-chan knows everything about you!” works but if we were to use your line it would be “I know everything about you, imouto-chan.” since imouto means younger sister.

        • I know, but I dislike leaving Jap Terms that can actually be translated.
          Sis is a perfect address of the older sister to the younger sister.
          Addressing someone as your “older/younger” sibling just sounds weird in english. I believe just “Sis/bro” is more natural.
          To begin with, only the japs are so particular about hierarchy.

          • Anyone else cringe when they see the word “jap”? (・∀・)

            Anyway, if you wanted to be completely REMOVE ALL THE JAPANESE TERMS, you might as well go First Name, Last Name as well since that also follows the English way. I left them in because I felt that a majority of people who would read this would understand what it is and the nuance behind it. cuz dat shit is kawaii. You’re free to disagree with me and localize everything.

            And English is actually the weird language here ― pretty much every other language has some kind of relationship system like this.

            • anonymous

              Not really (^∇^)

              I don’t think PROzess wanted to remove all japanese terms, just those that had a suitable translation in english.
              Quote (from PROzess):
              I know, but I dislike leaving Jap Terms that can actually be translated.

              Names are not that easy to translate. Actually, I don’t think an attempt to even translate them should be made. Changing them to words that are pronounced similarly to the original would be fine and less baffling.
              For example, translating “Subaru” to “昴” confused the heck out of me when I decided to read some chinese translations.

              Personally, I also prefer some japanese terms in contrast to their english counterparts. In any case, the purpose of my post was to tell PROzess that he/she was not wrong.

              • And this is why we can’t have nice things. (╥﹏╥)

                I was saying that in English, names go “First Name, Last Name”. That’s a very easy fix since Japanese names usually go “Last Name, First Name”. It’s about consistency when doing translations ― I like leaving relationship system in, so I will also leave the names in typical Japanese format.

                And I don’t think anyone said anything about actually translating names.

                But yes, PROzess’ translation wasn’t wrong for this part. It was my mistake for not looking at the raws properly.

  2. (Biggest fangirl squeal ever)
    I love you, marry me!
    …I mean, thanks for the translation.
    Reading this gave me the biggest fangasm I’ve had for a while, thanks for all the work! It’s IME! Marry me!

    But no really, I really appreciate this, thanks again~!

  3. is this thing canon?

    • Yep. BEING SET IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE MAKES EVERYTHING OKAY APPARENTLY. One of the latter panels of Precia freaked me out, just saying.

  4. nice! I like card games and play yugioh sometimes, soo i welcome this. thanks a lot ^_^ .

  5. Thanks for the translations, your work is awesome !
    I have a little request (don’t look at me like that, I’m shy ><) : may you send me the original scans (in japanese) ? I was looking for a french trad (ja, 'cause I'm french !) and since there is no, I thought "I will do it".
    Thank-you in advance and I promise, if you accept the deal, to quote your team in my trad.
    (Ah, and sorry for my bad english. As I said, I'm french ^^")

    • Sorry I haven’t replied yet. I’ve been super busy! I just e-mailed the guy who scanned them, so please wait for a response from either of us!