blahblah update [still on stand-by]

I’ve been getting sick a lot lately, so I’m playing catch-up with school again. I’m usually at school Mondays~Saturdays, so I don’t get a lot of time at home. I’m trying to round up people who can help out, but everyone seems so busy. I don’t get a break until the end of April either.

I’m super trying to get at least 01 done ― been doing some cleaning here and there ― so it’s just the typesetting that needs to be done. I think stitching up some of the double pagers as well.

Again, I’m sorry about the delays. Hopefully, I’ll learn from what I’m doing and plan my time better next semester.

Here’s one of my assignments that I’m handing in to be like hay bruhs SCHOOL WERK SO STRONK. ;__; [sfw it’s a picture of a corgi!]

2 responses to “blahblah update [still on stand-by]

  1. Unfortunately my Japanese doesn’t go beyond “I can maybe understand one or two lines if I hear them” but if it’s editing you need, I might be able to offer my assistance.

  2. well take ur time man 🙂
    i appreciate that u r tryin to make an effort 🙂
    well i guess, looking 4ward to the release