[Waterfall] Soko ni Aru Kimi to no Kiseki

Soko ni Aru Kimi to no Kiseki

There’s like 6 pages of H stuff, it’s REALLY CUTE AND LOVELY.

[ Mediafire ] [ Dropbox ] [ Dynasty Reader ]

The Goods that might potentially be scanlated! A few are already done by other groups, but there’s loads of NicoMaki still waiting to be done~

This is the real life.

5 responses to “[Waterfall] Soko ni Aru Kimi to no Kiseki

  1. I love it ❤ Thank you so much for the release. All hail Waterfall <3…

    The NicoMaki doujins look so good, looking forward to reading them ^^

    • Hello, we’re glad you like! Can’t wait for the KotoUmi one Yuri-ism is planning to get out… !

      We’re currently working on this sfw cutesy NicoMaki one

      … when we aren’t weeping over SIF.

  2. Oh, good to see you around again since the Nanoha Doujins :3
    and wow…your collection…how I envy you! >-<

    • (*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*) I still love my Nanoha, just haven’t been in touch with anything lately. I hope people have done more Yagami-ke stuff… Maybe if I get raws HMMM~!

      Last year of school soon, so might be able to do things on the side after I graduate. knockknockonwood