[Bisaid (Kazahana Chiruwo)] Bad Girls Live!


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Umi is really head over heels for Honoka… ! Really crazy, silly stuff. If anyone has the rest of the series, Shimapanda is totes up for translating! It seems she can only find the third one. (╥﹏╥)

We have a RinPana doujin lined up next, as well as Sekihara’s Private Tsunderation Round 3 in the mix! (ty Yuri-ism ;-;)

However, raizoo is currently no life-ing through EN!SIF because Elichika is KKE. Also, has had a tendency to randomly pass out due to lack of blood from nosebleeding every day.

4 responses to “[Bisaid (Kazahana Chiruwo)] Bad Girls Live!

  1. I lol’d at the sniffing scene.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful piece of content.
    You guys became one of my favorite doujin TL sites with all the Love Live stuff ❤
    Can't wait for Private Tsunderation 3.

    And also hope you end up picking up 365, I really really want to see that one translated.

    Keep up the awesome work, cheers~

    • Thanks a lot! Always happy to hear that people are enjoying what we can put out.

      We actually might do a KanColle one after Private Tsunderation 3… because for some reason, no one has done Sekihara’s Tenryuu x Tatsuta doujin. Disclaimer: I might die from doing two Sekihara doujin in a row.

      Will definitely talk to Shimapanda about 365 whenever she wakes up though! \( ̄^ ̄)

      • Thank you for that.
        I finished skimming through 365 and then check your page and saw you were planning on it so that got me really hyped, it just looks so good.
        I look forward to Private Tsunderation 3 as well 😀 (I’m an absolute NicoMaki fanatic if you can’t tell)

        • Shimapanda

          NicoMaki banzai! Aishiteru banzai!

          365 is pretty awesome. I enjoyed reading it. The fact that someone else scanned it rather than me trying to scan my own copy makes it even more appealing. 😛 Consider it on the to-do list!

          Glad you enjoy our stuff!