[nekonso] S2 EP09 Bad Jokes Manga

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A bonus release because Shima thought it was funny and made raizoo cry while editing.


7 responses to “[nekonso] S2 EP09 Bad Jokes Manga

  1. I wanted to leave the project suggestion in the above post, but somehow I can not comment there, anyway …
    The quality is not 100%, but is Niratama and I think it might be worth

    • Shimapanda


      Thanks for the suggestion, but it’s highly unlikely I’ll pick this up to do. I am not _at all_ a fan of non-consensual stuff, and the story in this is pretty fucked up!

      Short version: Reika puts up with Nao raping her, and then decides to continue to act as a “perfect” partner to her, because she doesn’t want to lose her as a friend. Nao, meanwhile, realises that Reika doesn’t love her like that, but can’t bring herself to stop because she loves her so much. Yeeeeah, thanks but no thanks.

      Consent, love, and happysex are the best in the end~

  2. Nice one, I translated one of this artist’s short manga a while back (the one about Nico’s birthday) and thought it was pretty nice.
    This one was definintely more histerical though, I actually lol’d IRL by the end xD
    Nico and Maki’s moment though, Eri you idiot, you can’t even respect love between 2 girls~
    Umi’s rage gauge is real!
    Fun read for my coffee break, good job 😀

  3. How about some KotoUmi doujin?? :C My favorite couple but there’s no much about them ;__;


    • Shimapanda

      Oh, I like this. I believe I have a preorder for the sequel to this, too. (If Tora no Ana ever processes my order…) So yeah, definitely will throw this on the backlog. ☆


  4. Oh my god, thank youuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, raizoo, I don’t like HonoEli either but… It’s KotoUmi xD