[Oronamin-Day & Harapeko Monster] RinPana, Go Explode!

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A super cute RinPana doujin with some NicoMaki moments.

(. ❛ ◡ ❛.)



2 responses to “[Oronamin-Day & Harapeko Monster] RinPana, Go Explode!

  1. LOL @ Nico’s pissed face.
    This was a great release just before I go to sleep. Good job guys 😀
    Some RinPana is nice from time to time as well~

    • Sankyuu for your kind comments all the time~!

      RinPana is always welcome! Sekihara is releasing a RinPana doujin actually, but we’ll grab the digital release if no one else picks it up before then.