[Niratama (Sekihara)] Private Tsunderation Round 3 (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]



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Sekihara is amaaaaaaaaaaaazingggggggggggggg.

Still waiting on Tora no Ana to give us the goods. ;-;

9 responses to “[Niratama (Sekihara)] Private Tsunderation Round 3 (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]

  1. Oh god guys I love you so much for releasing this. I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time (well since I read Private Tsunderarion 1 and 2 that is 😛 ). Thank you sooo much for translating it.
    Nico teasing Maki is definintely the best way to go, but the reverse is also incredibly cute, this is why NicoMaki is such a perfect pair.
    Proud to be a NicoMaki fanboy right now~

    So once again, thank you for this awesome work.
    You’re the reason I started translating doujins by myself as well 😀
    Keep up the awesome work~

    • Shimapanda

      Between Sekihara and Oshima Tomo, there’s enough Nico–>Maki and Maki–>Nico to satisfy anyone. ^w^

      (Good luck on your doujin works! Let me know if you need any help?)

      • Personally I treat Ooshima Tomo as a goddess of NicoMaki, the way she depicts their relationship is just beautiful to see, she’s the reason I even got into NicoMaki in the first place.
        But I like when Nico has the spotlight and teases Maki as well.
        So these 2 artists have my utmost gratitude for giving us the best of both worlds.

        I’m only translating for learning purposes mostly so it’s nothing too fancy or too literal 😛 so I wouldn’t make you waste time on me.
        I’ve only done 4 “big” doujins (“NicoMaki Trick”, “NicoNii Kawaii Kakikukeko”, “Sotto Okoshite Yume Misete” and “Itsumo Doori ni Dekinai”) and the rest have been short stuff I find on pixiv with like 6 pages and not a crazy amount of text.
        Just saying you give me hope of one day becoming a proper translator, of course NicoMaki also gives me the motivation for it as well.
        I translate, clean and typeset all the stuff I find, it’s a great way to spend an entire afternoon when you’re a complete NEET I’d say xD

        Well anyway, I look forward to seeing 365, I couldn’t possibly translate something of that magnitude so I really am anxious for it.

        • Shimapanda

          Practice, practice, practice. ‘S’all it takes. When I look back at the first things I translated it’s… kind of painful… hahaha. I actually started to do these recently because I needed a way to get back into studying Japanese after putting it down for a while. And just these silly little things have improved my skills for sure. Focus on really grokking the grammar–that’s the important part. Once you understand that, it’s downhill from there.

          Did you release any of the ones you’ve done? NicoMaki Trick has been one we’ve eyeballed for a while (although it keeps being pushed back for various things…), wouldn’t want to overlap efforts.

          • Nosebleed

            Indeed the grammar is one of the most crucial parts but it’s getting there slowly, i’m reading a grammar guide as well to help, but most of all for me the hardest is remembering the damn kanji, my short termed memory has a really hard time with kanji >w<

            And I don't have any place to release the stuff right now (at least not my own site) because I don't believe my translation is good enough so I don't feel like releasing something that might not be up to standards. I translate them for personal use mostly and share them usually on a forum where I discuss SIF (and Love Live in general) with other people, I share your stuff there too 😛
            That's really it right now. Yes some people read the stuff I read (or else I wouldn't share it) but I didn't officialy release it anywhere so it's up to you wether or not you want to do it.
            I also used rather mediocre/bad scans I found (since I can't actually scan stuff) so there's that to take into account too.
            Don't know what you think is best for you to do.

            • Shimapanda

              Kanji is hard, but don’t stress too much about it. It’s really easy to look kanji up that you don’t know, and you’ll eventually remember them just from constant exposure. For a more regular learning experience, try Kanji Damage, Memrise, Anki, etc. I’m still terrible with kanji, so don’t worry. 😛

              Well! If we ever get around to doing those doujins (the backlog is endless…) at least you can see how your translation matches up. :] Good luck~~

  2. You guys are awesome as always. Thanks for the release, and love Sekihara-sensei so much for her works, yay XD!