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Dedicated to Nosebleed. Enjoy!

Shimapanda sez: My Comiket stash finally arrived! I’m working on a NozoEli joint with Yuri-ism as well as a tonne of other awesome things as time allows.

Also, I finally bothered to make a Twitter, so say hi to @shimapanda_


9 responses to “[Tonikakuushi (Ichihi)] 365

  1. Nosebleed

    D-dedicated to me? Wh-wh-what should I do?
    I’m not sure how to react.

    Thank you very very much for translating this. I LOVED reading it and will probably re-read it in the future several times like I do with most NicoMaki stuff.
    Many manly tears were shed over how great it was.

    Honestly I was pretty let down because yesterday I recieved a letter saying my college application got rejected (No learning japanese in college for me 😦 ). But this really cheered me up and I’m not even frowning anymore and this type of stuff really makes me want to move forward so I am deeply grateful.

    I’ll be sure to keep lurking this site everyday 😛
    Also I’m likely going to open a wordpress soon for me to dump my personal projects and it’s all because of you guys.

    Cheers and keep up the awesome work 😀

    • Shimapanda

      Aw! That sucks about the college application. I’m sure you can get in somewhere else, or at another time, though! I’m glad that our stuff makes you feel more optimistic. ^_^ 頑張れー鼻血くん!❤

      Let me know how the personal projects page goes!

  2. Nosebleed


    I just got niconii.wordpress.com so that’ll be the URL I’ll be using, needless to say nothing is set now, i’m still picking a theme and stuff 😛 but just giving a heads up.
    I’m not trying to have an official TL site yet since i’m still learning, but it’ll be my blog to post stuff i translate in my free time and of course I hope to use it later for more official stuff.

    Also just noticed you’re doing Happy Wedding Vacation from Ooshima Tomo, I checked it out the other day and it looked so cute, can’t wait for it to be out. You’re doing so much stuff I’ve always wanted, it’s a good day to be alive~
    I look forward to it. 😀

    • Shimapanda

      The scans on exhentai are god awful so I scanned my own copy to do it before anyone without the actual book decides they want to use those public raws. 😛 GL with it all!

  3. Yeah they weren’t the greatest, but since I can’t scan or find it any other way it was my only choice (First world problems). And this is the reason I go to you guys when I want content, I know i’ll get clean scans xD
    Do you have plans to translate Sakashima no Taiyou ni Sasageru Ai no Uta as well?

    Also I finally ended up setting up most of my site, took a while to figure out how I wanted it to be and honestly it’s likely not final but I have a bad headache now and don’t feel like working on it anymore for the time being.
    I mentioned you on my first post too 😀 hope to have you guys’ support, maybe one day we can work together 😛

    • Shimapanda

      Sakashima etc. is a low priority at this stage. It’s very conflicting, personally–it’s kind of weird hate-love sex all mingled together. Almost rapey but not quite at times. That, and Yuri-ism typically does Oshima Tomo’s ero works, so I probably don’t need to worry about it. :B

      Yeah, good luck!!

  4. *spots Koigokoro(?) in stash* Yeeees, mind if I put in a personal request for this one? No need to move it up the queue or anything, but the complete lack of KotoHono anything has been astounding. My own copy’s not going to get here until a month later so the wait is going to be suffering, haha;;;

    Regarding Sakashima, I’m inclined to agree. Mine just arrived yesterday (complete with tapestry! do I regret not having gotten the HWV version as well? yes…), and it’s just been a mixed bag of feelings? LIke, as much as I like Ooshima and NicoMaki, let’s be honest, this is rape. Rape that becomes consensual towards the end, but is that a good mindset to be promoting?

    …Despite that, I still enjoyed it to a certain degree. If only because I know Ooshima has done NicoMaki justice all those other times. And other reasons. It’s confusing.

    Anyways, straying like crazy. Thank you for all your work translating all these Love Live! doujins. The gen/gag and NicoMaki ones are especially appreciated, and you even got me reading things I don’t actively search for, haha. This release in particular was ridiculously stupid adorable, as these two are oft prone to be. Keep up the good work~! 🙂

    • Shimapanda

      I just wanna say before anything else OMG YOUR AVATAR OMG OMG ANMAMO ANMAMO ANMAMOOOOO MY FOREVER OTP okay sorry now that I’ve got that out of my system…

      You know, I’ll be honest, I didn’t enjoy Koigokoro thaaat much, although it WAS well done, although part of that was my mood I guess… it’s pretty heavy on the drama/angst (I mean, shocking, considering the cover) and, well, you’ll see when your copy arrives, it’s just a bit “aaaa noooo kotoriiiiiii” at times. … at most/all times. I JUST WANT HAPPY ENDS OKAY. (…That said, if you are still interested once I get through my high priority stuff, it can be arranged!)

      Also I def. 100% agree on your analysis of Sakashima. It is super conflicting and I basically just want to make it start about halfway in… >_>

      Thanks for reading! I’m glad you enjoy our stuff! Expect more silly comedy and NicoMaki in the future ‘coz that’s what I like best, hahah.

      • Haha, what a surprise; you don’t see many Umineko fans around let alone Ange/Mammon fans. TTuTT Forever OTP indeed!

        Nooo, my heart was holding out for something adorable (despite the cover yeaaa, i know)…! .___. But yes, if you ever have the time I’d still love to see this done. There’s not enough KotoHono out there, even if it does happen to be super angsty haha;;;; I don’t mind if it takes super low priority, as long as your other releases are of the cute and bubbly variety. 😀

        Great minds do think alike~