(C86) [Waterfall (Takano Saku)] My Nozomi (Love Live!) [English] [GiB] + [Yuri-ism]


(Warning: R-18 Content!)

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Joint with Yuri-ism! Thanks a bunch to the awesome folks over there for doing the hard work of editing when raizoo is too busy dying to have the time to do so.

Ero-kawa at its finest. Awesome work as usual from Waterfall. NozoEli banzai!

9 responses to “(C86) [Waterfall (Takano Saku)] My Nozomi (Love Live!) [English] [GiB] + [Yuri-ism]

  1. Yay~ I love the title and the story is beautiful as always :). Thanks for the release, you guys rock ♥ \(▰˘◡˘▰)/

  2. Not my favorite pairing of all time but still really cute doujin.
    Seeing Nozomi all flustered is great, I’m glad Eri brings out that side of her.
    Thank you for the release.

    I see you’re working on Crystal Sugar & Machine Gun with NHFH now which is great, I’ve wanted to see that released for ages (I even started it on my own since I never saw any updates on it but was contacted by them saying they were working with you so i stopped :P)
    Can’t wait to see what comes out of it.

    You have so many released lined up that I want to see~
    The wait is real 😦
    If there’s anything i can do to help you let me know 🙂

    Keep up the awesome work guys!

    • Shimapanda

      I’m hoping CS&MG will be out really soon! I’ll also be translating the last part (Memai Asteraythem) and, with luck, will also scan and put out the Prologue that was not released on Exhentai.

      Releases are somewhat slow at the moment (and for the near future) as raizoo is really busy. Alas. Hoping we can still get something out every month at least!

      • I’ll be looking forward to it. From what i discussed with my friend chapter 3 is really the hardest one, he complained about how abstract it was, but Memai Asteraythem is easier. Good luck with this project.

        Ah i know how that feels, i just started college so i’ve had my time cut off as well and am working slower on translations in comparison to last month. Well if you ever need any help with translating/typesetting feel free to ask, I’d do anything for more NicoMaki 😀

        • Shimapanda

          It was indeed a huge pain in the ass to translate. I feel reasonably comfortable with how it turned out though. Once you realise there is a time skip and that Maki is watching Nico do stuff on TV, it makes a little more sense, though.

          • I also got that far but still the way the speech bubbles were set up made it hard for me to understand who was speaking and to whom (during that dinner mostly) and stuff like that. Of course i still understood the overall story but those details were still annoyingly vague xD
            Props to Ooshima Tomo for also being an amazing writer though.
            Speaking of which she’s released a new doujin at bokura no live live 5, do you think you’ll get your hands on it at some point?

            • Shimapanda

              I will be putting an order in for it when it comes in stock! Married life NicoMaki so good.

              edit: Also, EERR actually wrote the story for the entire Crystal Sugar & Machine Gun main anthology. 😛

              • Really? I didn’t know that, i really thought she wrote it.
                Well props to them, it was a really good story with lots of feels.

                Yes married NicoMaki life sounds like paradise.. just thinking about it is already giving me a warm fuzzy feeling~

                I’m so happy Ooshima Tomo continues putting so much effort into making a continuous timeline for Nico and Maki. When i read her first doujin i said to myself “It’d be great if they get to the point where they’re married, my life would feel complete then” and now it’s actually happening.. i can only describe this feeling as pure fangirling.
                I’m so happy you plan on getting it. You guys are my salvation 😀
                Well i need to go to sleep now, first day of college tomorrow morning and here i am discussing NicoMaki xD keep up the awesome work, cheers~