[Sweet Pea (Oshima Tomo)] Happy Wedding Vacation (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]


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IT’S FINALLY DONE. MY GOD. Delayed by raizoo being dead, Shima being overworked, bullshit double-pagers with shit tonnes of editing and translation, and the Maki event in EN SIF.

This doujin is both adorable and hilariously funny. Dat AKB burn. I still crack up every time I read it. Now can we get a NozoEli marriage doujin next, hmm…?

16 responses to “[Sweet Pea (Oshima Tomo)] Happy Wedding Vacation (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]

  1. Let me give you 10000 kisses :)). Just kiddin’ ha ha 😛 ~
    Thank you for the release. Never expected you guys would do Sweet Pea’s works :D, NicoMaki is married now. NozoEli might be the next one in Waterfall’s work kkk~

    • Shimapanda

      Oshima Tomo is in my trifecta of NicoMaki divine beings… So I’ll jump on his stuff any time I can. Alas(?), he’s kind of popular. 😛 Hope you enjoyed!

      • Wait, what… Sweet Pea is a “he” Ò___ó? I thought it was a “she” =}. How surprised!!

        • Shimapanda

          I’m fairly sure Oshima is a guy, at least judging by the way they talk on Twitter! It’s hard to be sure though unless you meet them at an event somewhere haha.

          • Oh, haha, I just used to take a peek at Tomo’s blog, and saw his profile picture is a girl, so I thought it’s she :P… Actually, I think most of yuri artists are female =}}, so there’s that.

  2. This was the single most beautiful doujin i’ve ever read
    *tears* Thank you for giving my life meaning~


    • Shimapanda

      It’s okay sweetie. ❤ School is more important than lesbian anime girls ALAS

  4. *raises hands* This is rexbandit from DS…or wherever. (lol) Just wanted to ask if you guys are going to do “Honeymoon Baby”? I have it coming from Melonbooks and was planning to do it, but if you guys have it planned, I won’t.

    Just wanted to ask because I don’t want to do repeats – you guys blow it out of the water, anyways. 🙂 rxbd.tumblr.com

    • Shimapanda

      I have not put an order in for it yet but that’s only because I forgot to do so right after BokuLove 5 due to assignments rush at the time. 😛 That said, while I would LOVE to do it I’m not going to demand other people wait for plodding old me to get the time to do it, particularly since I’m coming up to exams in the next month or so. If you would like a hand with it I’m all ears, though!

  5. Sure, I’d love to help. I have a group, but…they don’t like Love Live!, (gasp!) which is why I’ve been doing all the LL! I find/have on my own. I can CL, TS and translate Chinese if you need any of that.

    As for Honeymoon Baby, it’s being SAL mailed to me now. I’ll tell you when I get it and let’s see from there? I might be able to scan it up if I can find a good scanner here.

    Can’t wait for the NozoEri-Nontan one! Good luck. 🙂

    • Shimapanda

      Hey, let me know what the best way to contact you is. DM me on Twitter if you prefer. I am definitely down for collaboration! (Aside from Twitter, I also use Line and Skype, and occasionally IRC.)

  6. Seems like thanking you in Dynasty was not enough so, I went here to let you guys know that I’m really grateful for all the hardwork you give in translating doujins. I hope you guys stays longer because the quality of the work was superb. More power and good luck! And I am glad that rexbandit-san will be doing “Honeymoon Baby” with you Shimapanda-san. I am so excited for Memai Asteraythem too! I will wait for both! >< Oh and you don't mind me following your twitter, right? .w.

    • Shimapanda

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy our stuff!!

      Feel free to follow, I only tweet about nonsense slash RT various LL yuri anyway, haha.