[Waterfall (Takano Saku)] Elichika is Together With Nontanu! (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]


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Worked my butt off over the weekend to get this done in time for Eli’s birthday. Guard your nutbladders before reading.

Releases should slow down from now on because I have exams in a month and final assessments due before that. At least until the ♪ aitai no summer~ 

5 responses to “[Waterfall (Takano Saku)] Elichika is Together With Nontanu! (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]

  1. W-what is this r-r-red liquid coming out of my nose?
    I-it won’t stop. I think I n-n-need help.

    • Shimapanda

      I warned you man. Did you not wear the proper safety equipment before exposing your nutbladder to this? Christ!

      • My apologies Shimapanda-senpai
        But it’s okay, I mopped the whole floor and got some blood supply bags, I’m good (probably!), Tanuki Nozomi won’t get me ag- *splurt*

        PS: You should totally do NicoMakix Reloaded soon.

        • Shimapanda

          Haven’t decided what to work on next. I’m gonna be pretty busy for at least a month though, so I probably won’t tackle one of those huge projects until my Christmas break!

          • I know the feel.. college is eating up my life too.
            I completed a translation and haven’t typesetted anything *sigh*

            Well whatever you chose to do next I wish you good luck for it since you always bring the most awesome content, as always thanks for the awesome release~