[NHFH&GiB] Dizzying Asterism [Ooshima Tomo] [Love Live!]

Warning: Has some R-18 content!

It’s done! It’s finally done! Hooray! Hooraaaaay!

Thank you for your patience. These two chapters I’ve had a hand in have been very hard to work through in parts, both in the editing and the translation.

This is a complicated story and I honestly don’t know if I’ve done it justice in translating it. I’ve certainly put my all into doing so, though, and the awesome people over at NHFH also put in a lot of work to get through it all. Thanks to them for letting me demand I have a part in releasing this help them with the hardest parts of translation, because holy hell can EERR write some complicated metaphors.

I have a lot I love about this series, and a lot of thoughts about its deeper meaning, but I’ll wait and see what everyone’s thoughts are before I spoil it all. Enjoy!

P.S., I am trying to convince them to do the prologue as well. And hopefully put things in the right order since they did some chapters the wrong way around. God dammit, Kouhai.


5 responses to “[NHFH&GiB] Dizzying Asterism [Ooshima Tomo] [Love Live!]

  1. *Give 1000 blow kisses* 😛
    I was reading this while listening to “Somewhere over the rainbow” and smile like an idiot throughout teehee XD!
    Thank NHFH&GiB for this wonderful release :D.

  2. pg 10: “they (were) the wings she truly needed”.

  3. Thanks for the notification Shimapanda, you really make me happy while i’m at school. It is a big gratitude for GiB and NHFH whom worked hard for the sake of NicoMaki fan.