[Inuzuka Bowl] Various Adult HonoMaki – Nighttime [English] [GiB]


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WARNING: VERY NSFW. Lots of hot sexytimes contained within.

Oops, I Did It Again…

Everyone seemed to complain that Inuzuka Bowl ended the last HonoMaki shorts I released just before the… shall we say, “fun times” began. Lucky for us, they’ve come through with a sequel to the last part where Maki and Honoka both have a day off work together.

… And Maki very thoroughly chooses Honoka over the alternative options of a bath or dinner. Ahem.

Also, status update! Other stuff is coming up really soon! Honeymoon Baby is being typeset. Cowgirl Position is being translated. Tentatsuta Teishoku Okawari is translated, waiting on some TLC. Plus some other stuff churning in the background. GiB is going to be busy over Christmas!

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  1. Thank you for this and for the good news! Good luck as always. Don’t forget to have fun times lol