[Niratama (Sekihara)] Tenryuu x Tatsuta Set Meal – Seconds! (Kantai Collection) [English] [GiB]


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♪ On the first day of Christmas, Girls in Boxes gave to me…

… a KanColle ero doujinshi! ♪

Haha, we actually finally got this done! It’s a true Christmas miracle! Sorry for the long wait. Neither raizoo nor myself have any interest in KanColle so we would always put this off for our Love Live stuff. But Tenryuu x Tatsuta is pretty awesome!!!

Expect some more releases in the next few days, with any luck…! We’re working hard to bring awesomeness to you for the holidays!

p.s., this release is dedicated to Jerry. You know who you are, dude. You owe us! We love you. ❤

p.p.s., We at GiB had something to do with a NozoEli release over at NHFH. (Warning: NSFW futanari.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANON WE LOVE YOU BBY ❤


One response to “[Niratama (Sekihara)] Tenryuu x Tatsuta Set Meal – Seconds! (Kantai Collection) [English] [GiB]

  1. w0w0w0w excuse me. We didn’t get it done in a timely manner because by the time you got to translating, I had to らいOFF because school.
    (* ̄^ ̄)