[nocohica (Yuika)] The Wind is Coloured with You (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]

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WARNING: SOME NSFW CONTENT but if you go into it looking for the sex scene you will be sorely disappointed 😦

THIS DOUJIN IS SO CUTE HOLY CRAP DIABEETUS WARNING. Also HAHAHAHA, I was sick when I started cleaning this and as we’re finishing it up, Shima’s the one to get a cold! RIP Shima, please get better soon. ;-;

Oh and uhh HAPPY BELATED NEW YEARS AND STUFF. YEAHHHHhhhh. May there be an abundance of yuri this year as well.

(´ ▽`).。o♡


One response to “[nocohica (Yuika)] The Wind is Coloured with You (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]

  1. Thanks for hard work
    I have a suggestion doujin
    is the Niratama. With precures Akane and Miyuki