[freelife (Hamao)] Hop Step Leap! (K-ON!) [English] [GiB]

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WARNING: There’s a teeny tiny little bit of nudity in the early parts of the doujin, and one page that’s particularly suggestive… hence the R-15 label on the front cover.

We’re not dead, I swear. Well, raizoo’s kinda dead with her classwork… but I’m just lazy.

MioRitsu! Ahhhh! One of my all-time favourite couples. ❤ It’s hard to believe that K-ON! is like five years old now…

In other news, raizoo and I are lost to the depths of Monster Hunter. Send help. And friend codes. (Tweet us!)

p.s., if you like MioRitsu, Yuri-ism coincidentally released another MioRitsu doujin today as well. Go check it out! (It’s NSFW, though!)


2 responses to “[freelife (Hamao)] Hop Step Leap! (K-ON!) [English] [GiB]

  1. is the speech bubble in pg 20 originally empty?