Happy Birthday, Maki-chan!

Today’s Maki’s birthday! Because I’m an insane/rabid Maki fangirl In celebration of this event, I’ve worked myself to the bone to bring you all three new releases!


[Kurocan (Izuki Kuro)] MakiRinPana’s Lessons on Living Together!! (Love Live!)

[ Download ] [ Dynasty Reader ]

First up is one rare beast: a consesual, drama-free and safe for work threesome. MakiRinPana are an adorable trio.


[Inuzuka Bowl] HonoMaki Morning Kiss (Love Live!)

[ Download ] [ Dynasty Reader ] [ Source ]

(Warning: Probably PG-13 rated and not quite safe for work.)

Second off the bat is something I whipped up today really quickly, because I can’t resist Inuzuka Bowl’s HonoMaki.


[Hegurimurayakuba (Yamatodanuki)] You Can’t Escape From The Yazawas!! (Love Live!)

[ Download ] [ Dynasty Reader ]

Lastly, a spiritual sequel to one of the first doujinshi we released… an oh-so-adorable love fest of Maki-chan by the entire Yazawa family.

First years, second years, third years, and Love Livers as a whole – we all love you Maki-chan! ❤

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