[Niratama (Sekihara)] Chorus and Formula (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]


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Warning: Sexytimes abound.

Don’t ask me what the title means. I still don’t know. It’s like Sekihara picked two random words just to mess with people.

This doujin is filled with sugary sweet cuteness and I love it so much. ❤ Thank you very much to Danni for awakening me to my love of first year pairings. 3P is best though, I gotta say.

Summer Comiket was last weekend, so hopefully you’ll be seeing some new releases from that soon enough! We’re looking at getting out tMnR’s UmiEli works ASAP in particular~ If you’ve got raws for their 2nd book, Shiawase Relation [仕合わせリレーション], I’d LOVE to talk to you…

9 responses to “[Niratama (Sekihara)] Chorus and Formula (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]

  1. I do have all of tMnR’s doujinshi (including the 2nd book and the 4th “Passion” in shipping process)… but I don’t really want to unbind the books in order to scan them since they were quite expensive to get via deputy service. ;__; However, I don’t mind taking pictures of every pages for you so that you can get the original Japanese script and maybe use the cleans from the Chinese scanlation? =/

    • Shimapanda

      Aughhh. What I’d really like is scans of Shiawase Relation because the resolution of the Chinese scanlation is so low. NHFH’s translator also speaks Chinese and is at the point of considering releasing from the Chinese release, despite the tiny size…

      That said… have you ever tried scanning without debinding? It hurts the spine a little (slight curvature) but it’s generally pretty unnoticeable overall, particularly if you leave a heavy book on it for a few days. All my scans are done without debinding, and I’m happy to walk you through my process if you’re interested… I understand if not, though.

      I’ve got Passion on the way too, very excited for it. 😀

      • Aaaah yeah I noticed that the Chinese scanlation resized their pages to 900px width. So I figured that the reason you didn’t use those is because of the resolution. >__<

        Sure! I'm interest to see how you can scan without debinding. If I think it doesn't damage the book too much, I might actually give it a shot. ^ ^

        • Shimapanda

          (I really need to write up a proper guide for this someday, but anyway…)

          You’ll need:
          – Doujin
          – Normal scanner
          – A big heavy book. I use something that’s encyclopedia sized. Textbooks or other really thick books work well for this too.
          – (Optional) Black sheets of thin cardboard or paper (thin enough to easily slip between pages)

          Start off by opening every page of the doujin and gently flattening them out with your hand. Don’t force it more than would be natural, but you want to essentially “wear in” the spine by doing this.

          Place the page you want to scan on the scanner, and press it down as much as you’re comfortable doing. Hold it in place with one hand as you close the lid of the scanner. Finally, once the lid is down, place the big book on top of the lid of the scanner where the spine would be. This will stop it from bending back upwards as much as possible, as well as keep it in place while scanning goes on.

          You can do this without the book with just your hand kept on top of the spine, at the expense of it requiring you to hold an awkward position while you scan, and also it probably not being pushed down as far as possible. You can also be more gentle on the spine by not positioning the book directly on it. It’s pretty flexible in that regard.

          If you’re using the black cardboard, slip it behind the page you’re scanning to avoid bleed through from the rest of the pages.

          Note that this method works best for shorter doujin (<50 pages ideally), but you can do it on bigger books if you're persistent and the binding isn't too tight. Tankoubon sized things are probably out of the question without considerable gutter shadow, though.

          FWIW, here's my attempt at photographing a few books I've scanned if you want to see the kind of damage they've sustained. None of them have any loose pages or anything like that, I'll note.

          • Ooooh thanks for the guide! It’s actually not so bad. I’m willing to try and scan it for you. The doujin also comes with a second EliUmi story from another artist making it around 50~ ish pages. But that should be fine. Are you okay with waiting for a week or so? All my doujins are at my place near school and I’m staying at my parents place this week. D; I won’t be able to go back and get them until the end of the month.

            • Shimapanda

              Hey, no worries! More than happy to wait for someone doing a favour for me. 😀 Take your time! And thanks a bunch! Let me know if you’d like an email or other contact details or something~

              • Yeah sure thing! I’ll let you know when I’m ready to send the scans over!

              • I thought I’d update you on this. I went back to get my doujin and was planning to scan it tonight but found out my scanner at home decided to die on me. I’ll try to fix it this week. If it cannot be fixed, I’ll have to return to my dorm and use one of my roommates’ scanner. OTL

                While I’m at it, I also have a couple other EliUmi doujins that I could scan if you are interested:

                I hope to get you the scans for Shiawase Relation as soon as possible. Sorry for all the delays. ;___;

                • Shimapanda

                  Hey, no worries! You’re doing a favour for me so don’t sweat it. I can wait as long as you need to, no need to rush!

                  As for those other two, ha, if you’re willing to scan things I’m not going to say no. 😉 I actually own the first one (it’s quite cute!), but the second in particular is interesting… barkeep Umi is too suave for life!