Your Straightforward Expression & Passion – tMnR UmiEli Double Feature!

Two exciting releases today, both from the most wonderful tMnR!

[Yuki no Hitohira (tMnR)] Your Straightforward Expression
[ Download ] [ Dynasty Reader ]


[Yuki no Hitohira (tMnR)] Passion
[ Download ] [ Dynasty Reader ]

These two make up parts three and four respectively of a pseudo-series tMnR is writing. Part one is Sea Blue Like Me, which was released by NHFH Scanlations last year. Part two (“Shiawase Relation”) has proved a challenge to get scans for, but a kind and generous benefactor may be providing those to us in due time…

In any case, each story is readable on its own without the others, so don’t worry too much about it! I’m really excited to (hopefully) work on Umi confessing to Eli though…!! Should be really cute!

4 responses to “Your Straightforward Expression & Passion – tMnR UmiEli Double Feature!

  1. Hi! Thanks so much for these 2 releases, I’m a big EliUmi fan!
    btw I have “Shiawase Relation” in chinese, if you want I can send it to you 🙂

    Thanks again!

    • Shimapanda

      Hi, the Chinese scans of Shiawase Relation are really low quality and we’re trying to avoid using them. A kind soul has offered to scan their Japanese copy though, so hopefully that pans out. Thanks tho!

  2. Ooooh nice nice thank you for the release! I’m finally done scanning Shiawase Relation! Really wanted to give you guys the scans before this release. So close yet so far. lol OTL I’m planning to upload the scans on MediaFire. Do you have an email address to where I can send the links to once it finishes uploading?

    First time scanning, I hope I did a decent job! >__<

    • Shimapanda

      Haha no worries xD We had both these in the pipeline even without your kind offer. They can be read in any order pretty easily anyway!

      I went and stalked your tumblr to acquire your Twitter (swear I’m not a creeper) and followed you as @shimapanda_, mind DMing it to me?

      Thanks so much again!!!