Happy Birthday Eli! – Fortunate Relation & Celeste Blue Boundary


[Monophobia (Yuni)] Celeste Blue Boundary
WARNING: Slightly NSFW. 
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(or The Boundary of a CELESTE BLUE, if you like Engrish.)


[Yuki no Hitohirawny (tMnR & nwny psn)] Fortunate Relation
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Sorry it’s so late. And rushed. Blame me entirely for that. I’ve been busy… and lazy… mostly lazy. orz We had a third released planned but barely managed to scrape by with just these two…

Yuni’s afterword never fails to make me laugh. “Hello! I’m yuri trash.” Same, Yuni. Same.

And tMnR is godlike as ever. (nwny psn is also cute.) This story is set after “Deep Sea Blue Like Me”, but before both “Your Straightforward Expression” and “Passion”, which we released a little while back. Thanks so much to iSupercell for the scans!! We owe you so much!!!

3 responses to “Happy Birthday Eli! – Fortunate Relation & Celeste Blue Boundary

  1. Celeste Blue Boundary, pg 6, “here here in that heat” here twice?

  2. Aaaayyyy niiiice! \(^0^)/ Thank you for the release and hard work!