[Yuki no Hitohira (tMnR)] The Secret Shokolad (Vol. 1) (Love Live!)


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Both raizoo and I have been having internet troubles, hence this not being released until now. orz

A two-parter! Look for volume two in a fortnight. “Shokolad”, by the way, is Russian for chocolate (at least as far as I understand it). Actual Russian speakers, feel free to correct me.

In case you were curious, tMnR’s rough chronological ordering of her books is:

Deep Blue Sea Like Me –> The Secret Shokolad (vol. 1) [this one!] –> The Secret Shokolad (vol. 2) [coming soon!] –> Fortunate Re”lation [re-release of Fortunate Relation; not yet scanlated] –> Your Straightforward Expression –> passion –> her next planned release.


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