Please contact Shimapanda through twitter if you’re interested, preferably through DM! @Shimapanda_

Price is typically $1.50 USD per page, but the following can potentially cause the price to rise:
– Additional $0.50 per page if you don’t provide raws, but we have own the book and scan it for you.
– Price per page may differ for more or less words, like +$0.50 per page with an excessive amount of text or -$0.50 for fewer words. Example of excessive amount of text. Example for fewer words.
– Additional $1.00 per page with an excessive amount of background text cleaning. Example page.
– Additional $0.50 per page if you want SFX translated.
– Additional $1.00 per page if you also want SFX to be redrawn.

These prices aren’t necessarily 100%. Send us raws and we’ll give an estimated quote.

※ Note that we’ll require advance payment of 50% with the remaining 50% to be paid upon completion, but before we send you the final product.

Things we’ll do:
– Cute stuff
– Gay stuff, but also straight stuff!
– Lewd stuff

Things we won’t do:
– Gross stuff (scat, guro, watersports, etc.)
– Illegal stuff (loli, shota, etc.)
– Abusive stuff (rape, etc.)