[Yukiko] A Room for Two (Futaribeya) – Chapter 12


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See! We didn’t forget about A Room for Two! We just… took our time… *cough* And now we’re finally on volume 2. Fiiiinally.

This chapter was filled to the brim with obscure cuisine references and wordplay. I tried to localise where I could, but damn there’s a lot of things I couldn’t just wave away. Sigh.

In the original Kasumi says she remembers 4/3 because it sounds like “stain” in Japanese. I decided to find the most weird/random pseudo-holiday on that day instead. Did you know Chocolate Mousse Day was a thing? I didn’t!

If you like the manga and want to support the author, please consider purchasing a copy. Some sites that ship internationally include:


[Kurocan (Izuki Kuro)] MakiRinPana’s Lessons on Living Together 3.5 (Love Live!)


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Happy birthday Hanayo! Why do I always wind up doing lewd stuff for their birthdays……

Enjoy this side chapter of the MakiRinPana series. Rin’s girlfriends treat her kindly. ❤

[Monophobia (Yuni)] Love Love Sandiawich (Love Live! Sunshine!!)


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WARNING: NSFW. Despite what the author might like to claim.

Happy birthday Dia-sama!!! Our precious, pure, wonderful dork of a student council president. Everyone loves you. Especially your two gorgeous girlfriends ❤

I can’t believe I was able to get away with the terrible pun in the title. (To be fair, the Japanese title is equally as terrible with its pun.)

[Oku Tamamusi] Bright and Cheery Amnesia – Chapter 02 [Seiyuuri&GiB]


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More gaymnesia, finally~ Today we get to see the cool and the more fragile sides of Mari-san. Arisa is as useless as ever, of course. Of course.

[Togari-nozawa (riai)] Yazawars: Galactic Crisis (Love Live!)


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More crazy awesomeness. I like this one more than Nyamazing, to be honest, but that’s probably because I actually know Star Wars…

Is this NicoMaki? I… I think it’s NicoMaki. I’m not sure. I don’t know anything anymore.

Pls let this person release a vol2 now that Rogue One is coming out…

[RindaRinda (Rinta)] THE NYAMAZING SPIDER-RIN (Love Live!)


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Yeah, uh, there aren’t really words to describe how awesome this is. Just go read it. And marvel (heh) at the amazing editing job by raizoo.

Oh, and Basaka translated this just like old times! What is this, the 2000s?

[Kurocan (Izuki Kuro)] MakiRinPana’s Lessons on Living Together 3 (Love Live!)


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This is a birthday present for our good friend @dansoudango!!! Happy birthday Dannikiiiiii ❤ Y’all can thank her for making me so obsessed with Kurocan’s MakiRinPana series.

Also, I know not much can make up for the US election result yesterday, but I hope this release can put a smile on your face for even a little while. Love will always prevail!