Status Report

Group Status: (aka did we get knocked out by life)

Shimapanda: Woo hoo! Christmas break!
raizoo: Deader than a zombie
Kortir: Adjusting to new life
ohtorialumna: Depth-indexing girls’ cuteness

Work(s) in Progress:  

[Sweet Pea (Oshima Tomo)] Honeymoon Baby (Love Live!)

  • TL: 100%
  • TLC: 100 %
  • Cleaned: 100% ― Rexbandit
  • Typeset: 40%
  • QC: 0%




01[Sweet Pea (Oshima Tomo)] Cowgirl Position (Love Live!)

  • TL: 100%
  • TLC: 0 %
  • Cleaned: 100% ― Rexbandit
  • Typeset: 0% ― raizoo
  • QC: 0%




01 [Niratama (Sekihara)] Tentatsuta Teishoku Okawari! (Kantai Collection)

  • TL: 100%
  • TLC: 100 %
  • Cleaned: 100% ― raizoo
  • Typeset: 100%
  • QC: 80%





  • [Shittori oblaat (Tamifuru)] Magnetic Romance (Love Live!)
  • [Shittori oblaat (Tamifuru)] Motto Motto Nokorasete! (Love Live!)
  • [Niratama (Sekihara)] NicoMakix -Reloaded- (Love Live!)
  • [Onsoku (Yuukisonisuke)] μ’s vs HTT Rengougun (Love Live! + K-ON!)


Special Requests:

Open to suggestions from pretty much any yuri fandom

Bonus points if you give us RAWs. ;-;

[Inuzuka Bowl] Various Adult HonoMaki – Nighttime [English] [GiB]


[ Source ] [ Download ] [ Dynasty Reader ]

WARNING: VERY NSFW. Lots of hot sexytimes contained within.

Oops, I Did It Again…

Everyone seemed to complain that Inuzuka Bowl ended the last HonoMaki shorts I released just before the… shall we say, “fun times” began. Lucky for us, they’ve come through with a sequel to the last part where Maki and Honoka both have a day off work together.

… And Maki very thoroughly chooses Honoka over the alternative options of a bath or dinner. Ahem.

Also, status update! Other stuff is coming up really soon! Honeymoon Baby is being typeset. Cowgirl Position is being translated. Tentatsuta Teishoku Okawari is translated, waiting on some TLC. Plus some other stuff churning in the background. GiB is going to be busy over Christmas!

[NHFH&GiB] Dizzying Asterism [Ooshima Tomo] [Love Live!]

Warning: Has some R-18 content!

It’s done! It’s finally done! Hooray! Hooraaaaay!

Thank you for your patience. These two chapters I’ve had a hand in have been very hard to work through in parts, both in the editing and the translation.

This is a complicated story and I honestly don’t know if I’ve done it justice in translating it. I’ve certainly put my all into doing so, though, and the awesome people over at NHFH also put in a lot of work to get through it all. Thanks to them for letting me demand I have a part in releasing this help them with the hardest parts of translation, because holy hell can EERR write some complicated metaphors.

I have a lot I love about this series, and a lot of thoughts about its deeper meaning, but I’ll wait and see what everyone’s thoughts are before I spoil it all. Enjoy!

P.S., I am trying to convince them to do the prologue as well. And hopefully put things in the right order since they did some chapters the wrong way around. God dammit, Kouhai.

[NHFH&GiB] Happy Birthday Eli [tMnR] [Love Live!]


[ Source ] [ Download ] [ Dynasty Reader ]

A mini release that apparently I have to announce here? More EliUmi to feed the fires of raizoo’s eternal hunger. Go blame Kouhai for making me do this and distracting me from my exam study.

[NHFH&GiB] NicoMaki Had a Baby With iPS Cell Technology [Ooshima Tomo] [Love Live!]

02[ Mediafire ] [ Dynasty Reader ]

Another joint with NHFH Scanlations! It’s a totally loving relationship: I translate something and then sit back and whine at them until someone typesets/QCs for me.

All I have to say about this release is poor, poor Maki-chan. Beaver dammed. Hard. I am never ever ever having kids.

[Inuzuka Bowl] Various Adult HonoMaki


[ Source ] [ Download ] [ Dynasty Reader ]


Okay, so after raizoo and I gleefully encouraged Kouhai over at NHFH Scanlations to be traitorous and release some UmiEli, she came back at us and tempted me with an equally traitorous coupling. I am sorry, my fellow NicoMaki lovers. I am so sorry.

sorry not sorry

[Waterfall (Takano Saku)] Elichika is Together With Nontanu! (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]


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Worked my butt off over the weekend to get this done in time for Eli’s birthday. Guard your nutbladders before reading.

Releases should slow down from now on because I have exams in a month and final assessments due before that. At least until the ♪ aitai no summer~ 

[Sweet Pea (Oshima Tomo)] Happy Wedding Vacation (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]


[ Mediafire ] [ Dropbox ] [ Dynasty Scans ]

IT’S FINALLY DONE. MY GOD. Delayed by raizoo being dead, Shima being overworked, bullshit double-pagers with shit tonnes of editing and translation, and the Maki event in EN SIF.

This doujin is both adorable and hilariously funny. Dat AKB burn. I still crack up every time I read it. Now can we get a NozoEli marriage doujin next, hmm…?