Status Report

Group Status: (aka did we get knocked out by life)

Shimapanda: Woo hoo! Christmas break!
raizoo: Deader than a zombie
Kortir: Adjusting to new life
ohtorialumna: Depth-indexing girls’ cuteness

Work(s) in Progress:  

[Sweet Pea (Oshima Tomo)] Honeymoon Baby (Love Live!)

  • TL: 100%
  • TLC: 0 %
  • Cleaned: 100% ― Rexbandit
  • Typeset: 0%
  • QC: 0%




01[Sweet Pea (Oshima Tomo)] Cowgirl Position (Love Live!)

  • TL: 10%
  • TLC: 0 %
  • Cleaned: 0%
  • Typeset: 0%
  • QC: 0%




01 [Niratama (Sekihara)] Tentatsuta Teishoku Okawari! (Kantai Collection)

  • TL: 50%
  • TLC: 0 %
  • Cleaned: 90% ― raizoo
  • Typeset: 0%
  • QC: 0%





  • [Shittori oblaat (Tamifuru)] Magnetic Romance (Love Live!)
  • [Shittori oblaat (Tamifuru)] Motto Motto Nokorasete! (Love Live!)
  • [Niratama (Sekihara)] NicoMakix -Reloaded- (Love Live!)
  • [Onsoku (Yuukisonisuke)] μ’s vs HTT Rengougun (Love Live! + K-ON!)


Special Requests:

Open to suggestions from pretty much any yuri fandom

Bonus points if you give us RAWs. ;-;

[NHFH&GiB] Dizzying Asterism [Ooshima Tomo] [Love Live!]

Warning: Has some R-18 content!

It’s done! It’s finally done! Hooray! Hooraaaaay!

Thank you for your patience. These two chapters I’ve had a hand in have been very hard to work through in parts, both in the editing and the translation.

This is a complicated story and I honestly don’t know if I’ve done it justice in translating it. I’ve certainly put my all into doing so, though, and the awesome people over at NHFH also put in a lot of work to get through it all. Thanks to them for letting me demand I have a part in releasing this help them with the hardest parts of translation, because holy hell can EERR write some complicated metaphors.

I have a lot I love about this series, and a lot of thoughts about its deeper meaning, but I’ll wait and see what everyone’s thoughts are before I spoil it all. Enjoy!

P.S., I am trying to convince them to do the prologue as well. And hopefully put things in the right order since they did some chapters the wrong way around. God dammit, Kouhai.

[NHFH&GiB] Happy Birthday Eli [tMnR] [Love Live!]


[ Source ] [ Download ] [ Dynasty Reader ]

A mini release that apparently I have to announce here? More EliUmi to feed the fires of raizoo’s eternal hunger. Go blame Kouhai for making me do this and distracting me from my exam study.

[NHFH&GiB] NicoMaki Had a Baby With iPS Cell Technology [Ooshima Tomo] [Love Live!]

02[ Mediafire ] [ Dynasty Reader ]

Another joint with NHFH Scanlations! It’s a totally loving relationship: I translate something and then sit back and whine at them until someone typesets/QCs for me.

All I have to say about this release is poor, poor Maki-chan. Beaver dammed. Hard. I am never ever ever having kids.

[Inuzuka Bowl] Various Adult HonoMaki


[ Source ] [ Download ] [ Dynasty Reader ]


Okay, so after raizoo and I gleefully encouraged Kouhai over at NHFH Scanlations to be traitorous and release some UmiEli, she came back at us and tempted me with an equally traitorous coupling. I am sorry, my fellow NicoMaki lovers. I am so sorry.

sorry not sorry

[Waterfall (Takano Saku)] Elichika is Together With Nontanu! (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]


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Worked my butt off over the weekend to get this done in time for Eli’s birthday. Guard your nutbladders before reading.

Releases should slow down from now on because I have exams in a month and final assessments due before that. At least until the ♪ aitai no summer~ 

[Sweet Pea (Oshima Tomo)] Happy Wedding Vacation (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]


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IT’S FINALLY DONE. MY GOD. Delayed by raizoo being dead, Shima being overworked, bullshit double-pagers with shit tonnes of editing and translation, and the Maki event in EN SIF.

This doujin is both adorable and hilariously funny. Dat AKB burn. I still crack up every time I read it. Now can we get a NozoEli marriage doujin next, hmm…?

[NHFH&GiB] Crystal Sugar and Machine Gun [EERR] [Love Live!]


(Slight NSFW Content Warning!)

[ Mediafire ] [ Dynasty Reader ]

Joint with NHFH Scanlations, because they needed a kick in the ass to actually release this already, omfg. Expect a joint for Memai Asteraythem and the prologue that they skipped as well because they’re losers. (j/k I love you guys)

I love this series. I did not love trying to comprehend the vagaries of language in this chapter.

Happy Wedding Vacation is taking a long time because I have to both edit and TL it, but I’m hoping it will be out within a week or so. raizoo is still deader than a zombie, RIP in peace.