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Group Status: (aka did we get knocked out by life)

Shimapanda: Workin’ hard!
raizoo: Crying over KimiUso.
Kortir: Adjusting to new life
ohtorialumna: Depth-indexing girls’ cuteness

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49060728_p1_master1200[Yukiko] A Room for Two – Ch 1.

Joint with NHFH Scanlations

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Happy Birthday, Maki-chan!

Today’s Maki’s birthday! Because I’m an insane/rabid Maki fangirl In celebration of this event, I’ve worked myself to the bone to bring you all three new releases!


[Kurocan (Izuki Kuro)] MakiRinPana’s Lessons on Living Together!! (Love Live!)

[ Download ] [ Dynasty Reader ]

First up is one rare beast: a consesual, drama-free and safe for work threesome. MakiRinPana are an adorable trio.


[Inuzuka Bowl] HonoMaki Morning Kiss (Love Live!)

[ Download ] [ Dynasty Reader ] [ Source ]

(Warning: Probably PG-13 rated and not quite safe for work.)

Second off the bat is something I whipped up today really quickly, because I can’t resist Inuzuka Bowl’s HonoMaki.


[Hegurimurayakuba (Yamatodanuki)] You Can’t Escape From The Yazawas!! (Love Live!)

[ Download ] [ Dynasty Reader ]

Lastly, a spiritual sequel to one of the first doujinshi we released… an oh-so-adorable love fest of Maki-chan by the entire Yazawa family.

First years, second years, third years, and Love Livers as a whole – we all love you Maki-chan! <3

[Yukiko] A Room for Two – Teaser [NHFH & GiB]

futari+beya(Click to Enlarge)

A bit of a teaser for an upcoming project – a joint with NHFH Scanlations. Introducing Yukiko’s A Room for Two (Futaribeya)! Keep your eyes peeled for Chapter 1, coming out soon!

If you like the manga and want to support the author, please consider purchasing a copy. Some sites that ship internationally include:

[Oronamin-Day & Harapeko Monster] NicoMaki Nyamazing (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]


[ Download ] [ Dynasty Scans ]


Not actually a NicoMaki doujin, despite what the title might lead you to believe, nya. It’s RinPana!

This is a pseudo-sequel (or possibly prequel) to one of our earlier releases, RinPana Go Explode! They’re tangentially related (and you’ll appreciate some of the jokes a little more if you’ve read that one), but it’s not necessary.

[Aiai (Sagami)] Hello, Teddy Bear (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]

[ Source ] [ Imgur ] [ Dynasty Reader ]

A quick thing I probably spent more time on trying to figure out how to read the author’s name and making bad Yuri Kuma Arashi jokes about than actually translating and typesetting.


[satowada (Sato & Kutsuwada)] BxLxUxE (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]


[ Download ] [ Dynasty Reader ]

Happy Birthday Umi-chan!!!!!!!! (And me, too. Ugh, I’m old.)

Today is also Bokura no Love Live 7, and I’m super hyped for the new Love Live doujinshi coming out. So much KotoUmi!

Oh, and I want to give a special shout out to Basaka who purchased us a copy of this doujinshi from Comiket. Otherwise we never would’ve been able to release this. <3 Thanks so much bro!

[NHFH&GiB] NicoMakiss [Oshima Tomo] [Love Live!]


[ Download ] [ Dynasty Reader ]


This was a last minute scramble with NHFH to put out something for Rexbandit’s birthday! Happy birthday, Rex!!!!

Also thanks to makkomakorin for uploading the original copy scans to a certain sadpanda. I wound up using the finished version from Nico & Maki Collection, but we cribbed a few pages from the original version, including the colour cover.

[freelife (Hamao)] Hop Step Leap! (K-ON!) [English] [GiB]

001[ Source ] [ Download ] [ Dynasty Reader ]

WARNING: There’s a teeny tiny little bit of nudity in the early parts of the doujin, and one page that’s particularly suggestive… hence the R-15 label on the front cover.

We’re not dead, I swear. Well, raizoo’s kinda dead with her classwork… but I’m just lazy.

MioRitsu! Ahhhh! One of my all-time favourite couples. <3 It’s hard to believe that K-ON! is like five years old now…

In other news, raizoo and I are lost to the depths of Monster Hunter. Send help. And friend codes. (Tweet us!)

p.s., if you like MioRitsu, Yuri-ism coincidentally released another MioRitsu doujin today as well. Go check it out! (It’s NSFW, though!)