Status Report

Group Status: (aka did we get knocked out by life)

Shimapanda: Working!
raizoo: Studying!

Work(s) in Progress:  

49060728_p1_master1200[Yukiko] A Room for Two Ch.12

  • TL: 0%
  • Cleaned: 0%
  • Typeset: 0%
  • QC: 0%


[Yuki no Hitohira (tMnR)] Tsumuide Yuku Hibi he

  • TL: 0%
  • Cleaned: 0%
  • Typeset: 0%
  • QC: 0%


55725208_p0[Togari-nozawa (riai)] YAZAWARS

  • TL: 100%
  • Cleaned: 100%
  • Typeset: 50%
  • QC: 0%

[Mezashi] Confession (Love Live! Sunshine!!)


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Whoops I accidentally Sunshine yuri instead of studying for my exams

Mezashi is too good

YouRiko is too good

I’m just gonna go and cry over 2nd years now bye


[Shittori Oblaat (Tamifuru)] Pure Love Bath Romance (Love Live!)


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Happy birthday Elichika❤

It’s been a while since we’ve done some NozoEli, and a while since we’ve done Shittori Oblaat as well. Hoping to change that soon! This was a blast to work on, the sexual tension is crazy and there’s some amazing moments in this. Hilarious and a little lewd.


[Yuki no Hitohira (tMnR)] Time for sweet living (Love Live!)


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Warning: Lewd!

Fun fact: this doujin has been called by GiB “Time of sweet dying” all throughout the period we worked on it. I had to double check that I didn’t accidentally name the folder that…

But it’s very sweet. And it will definitely slay you if you read it.

But where is my actual porn, Eronori-san– *shot*

[Oku Tamamusi] Bright and Cheery Amnesia – Chapter 01 [Seiyuuri&GiB]


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As promised, more gaymnesia! Woo hoo! Please enjoy more of the world’s gayest girl failing to perform basic life functions because she’s too gay to exist.


[Yukiko] A Room for Two (Futaribeya) – Vol. 1 Extras


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Slow scanlators are slow. :[

We’re finally at the end of volume 1! Now I have to get off my butt and scan volume 2. *GROANS*

It’s not even a lie though, seriously

If you like the manga and want to support the author, please consider purchasing a copy. Some sites that ship internationally include:

[Kaiten Kikan (Rita)] You Are My Target (Love Live!) [English]


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Happy birbday Kotori! (・8 ・)

I feel like the Twitter poll I did to pick what to do for Kotori’s birthday was a little disjointed (KotoUmi fans split votes + a mini-campaign to get KotoEli to win!) but I’m glad this one won in the end. It was an absolute delight to translate (and is adorable to boot). Phantom Thief Elichika stole everyone’s hearts… ❤

[Oku Tamamusi] Bright and Cheery Amnesia – Chapter 00 [Seiyuuri&GiB]

1.png[ Download ] [ Dynasty Reader ] [ Seiyuuri ]

Here’s something out of left field! Satsunyan over at Seiyuuri needed some help with this one, so a joint release somehow arose. I love Tamamusi, and this one was particularly hilarious, so it was hard to resist.❤

Though this was originally a one-shot, during the time that we first started working on this, it’s been officially serialised. As such, we’ve named this one “chapter zero” for lack of a better word for it. Enjoy!