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Group Status: (aka did we get knocked out by life)

Shimapanda: Drowning herself in cute girls
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49060728_p1_master1200[Yukiko] A Room for Two Ch3

Joint with NHFH Scanlations

  • TL: 100%
  • Cleaned: 100%
  • Typeset: 95%
  • QC: 0%

49060728_p1_master1200[tMnR & nwny psn] Shiawase Relation

  • TL: 75%
  • Cleaned: 90%
  • Typeset: 0%
  • QC: 0%

49060728_p1_master1200[Sweet Pea (Oshima Tomo)] NicoMaki! SUN

Joint with Yuri-ism

  • TL: 100%

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Open to suggestions from pretty much any yuri fandom

Bonus points if you give us RAWs. ;-;

[Shio Ramen (Haru)] NicoMaki Medical Check (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]


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Joint with Rexbandit!!

This took way too long to put out for many and sundry reasons, but it’s here now, hoorayyy! I love Haru’s art and I love the Love Live girls as adults, no matter the context. This doujin is great on many fronts. <3

EDIT (20/09/15): We were informed that Page 23 went missing! Our apologies. The people responsible have been hit with a giant paper fan a few times. The links have been updated with the new version!

I also decided to remove Yukiko’s name from the release – officially she played a supporting role in this book after all.

[CURL UP (Murata)] Please Kiss Me (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]


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Happy Birthday Kotori! Chun chun! (・8・)

I feel a bit weird in that this doujin is from Umi’s perspective largely, but… it’s actually pretty hard to find a cute doujin where Kotori is the feature. She plays such a supportive role in general! But we love her for that, right? (・8・)

Your Straightforward Expression & Passion – tMnR UmiEli Double Feature!

Two exciting releases today, both from the most wonderful tMnR!

[Yuki no Hitohira (tMnR)] Your Straightforward Expression
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[Yuki no Hitohira (tMnR)] Passion
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These two make up parts three and four respectively of a pseudo-series tMnR is writing. Part one is Sea Blue Like Me, which was released by NHFH Scanlations last year. Part two (“Shiawase Relation”) has proved a challenge to get scans for, but a kind and generous benefactor may be providing those to us in due time…

In any case, each story is readable on its own without the others, so don’t worry too much about it! I’m really excited to (hopefully) work on Umi confessing to Eli though…!! Should be really cute!

[Yukiko] A Room for Two (Futaribeya) – Chapter 2


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Apologies for the long delay between releases. NHFH have been swept away by real life, and it took us a while to be able to catch up and redistribute the work back with us. Hopefully it won’t be as big of an issue from here on out!

Just the other day some Japanese fans of A Room for Two announced a doujin anthology scheduled for release next month! This includes a chapter by Yukiko herself! We’re really hoping to get our hands on it~ss+(2015-08-22+at+02.14.37)It’s kinda like Inugami-san and Nekoyama-san, I guess…

If you like the manga and want to support the author, please consider purchasing a copy. Some sites that ship internationally include:

[Niratama (Sekihara)] Chorus and Formula (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]


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Warning: Sexytimes abound.

Don’t ask me what the title means. I still don’t know. It’s like Sekihara picked two random words just to mess with people.

This doujin is filled with sugary sweet cuteness and I love it so much. <3 Thank you very much to Danni for awakening me to my love of first year pairings. 3P is best though, I gotta say.

Summer Comiket was last weekend, so hopefully you’ll be seeing some new releases from that soon enough! We’re looking at getting out tMnR’s UmiEli works ASAP in particular~ If you’ve got raws for their 2nd book, Shiawase Relation [仕合わせリレーション], I’d LOVE to talk to you…

[Shiotsuki Suien (Magokoro Kurage)] Little Live – Goodbye Tsubasa (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]


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Oof. Honoka’s birthday so soon after Nico’s birthday is a little rough. Anyway, enjoy this doujin which is more about everyone clamouring for the attention of the pure angel Hono-pyon than about Honoka herself…

[Shittori Oblaat (Tamifuru)] Let Us Stay For Longer!! (Love Live!) [English] [GiB]


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Graduation is serious business. And sad business. :( A bittersweet little story that I liked quite a lot, and raizoo demanded we work on. It’s not quite yuri though. But friendships are good too!

Also, congrats to raizoo for graduating college! I knew you could do it. <3