[Inuzuka Bowl] Various Adult HonoMaki


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Okay, so after raizoo and I gleefully encouraged Kouhai over at NHFH Scanlations to be traitorous and release some UmiEli, she came back at us and tempted me with an equally traitorous coupling. I am sorry, my fellow NicoMaki lovers. I am so sorry.

sorry not sorry

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  1. Hi can you translate this one too? (C86) [Sweet Pea, COCOA BREAK (Ooshima Tomo)] Sakashima no Taiyou ni Sasageru Ai no Uta (Love Live!)

    • Shimapanda

      I won’t be translating this one because it’s rape (or at the very least, incredibly borderline/questionable consent) and I am not at all into that. Sorry.

      • That was a force s*x? I thought…of something else… Since you won’t be translating it, do you know any group that will pick this up?

        • Shimapanda

          Yup. Nico spends a lot of time telling Maki to stop, and she’s tied up in the first place because Maki is like “If you won’t love me, then I’ll at least make your body mine”…

          I was so excited for what looked like light bondage NicoMaki. THE SADDEST OF TIMES. ;_;

          • Seems like it makes me want to read it more. Oh god. Weird. Would you mind summarizing the story, please? Just looking at the raws right now QwQ

            • Shimapanda

              Nico invites Maki to her home as she wants to talk to her privately. Goes off at her, how she’s pissed about her being so talented at music but so ready to chuck everything away, how she’s always hated her. Maki responds with how she’s always hated Nico as well, how they’re really two sides of the same coin, etc. etc. Maki pushes her to the ground and says that she thinks Nico invited her here specifically to entice her to do this, and also that she loves Nico. Nico says that it’s a waste of time for Maki to try, she won’t be “owned” by anyone. So Maki says that if Nico won’t love her back, she can at least make Nico’s body hers, then.

              Following that, she ties Nico up and does this and that to her. This is the questionable part because Nico is constantly shouting at her to stop, but gradually gets into it. By the end Nico is consensual, and even says she actually does love Maki, but ugh, the start is so problematic and that’s why I’m really iffy about it.

              I know of another group possibly looking at doing this, though. Stay tuned.

              • Hah, if you don’t spoil the story, I’d think it’s a sweet story where NicoMaki is having a fight and then they “do this, do that” to console each other like other Sweet Pea’s stories =]].

                Btw, that’s so Niconii~ 8->…..

              • Oh yes that’s a great news! Thank you so much for the summary. Thank you thank you. Good luck with the exams btw ^^

  2. This is heresy! I won’t succumb to this!

  3. OH MAN
    I love HonoMaki ♥

  4. pandakitsune

    can yall translate a kotonico doujin from inuzuka bowl?

  5. Oh dear, thanks to you guys, now I have diabetes. Love Live is such a yuri paradise *dokidoki* :D.

    Thanks for the wonderful release as always, yay~

  6. I.LOVE.YOU ❤
    Do you do the Pilot Girl? , if so , what time they're will be release?
    and thanks making NFHH become traitourous , hheuheuheuheuehuehuheu

    • Shimapanda

      Not sure what you mean by Pilot Girl – the Kancolle doujin maybe? I’m studying for exams atm so things are delayed, but you can expect things to be in action again in about a month.